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If you are reading this blog then I am sorry you had to find me.  I suspect you have been through one or more miscarriages and are looking for some answers.  I don’t know that I have them, but I started this blog as a way to keep track of my journey through recurrent chemical pregnancies.  I have had four miscarriages before 6 weeks…all are technically termed “chemical pregnancies.”  I am also very lucky to have an amazing, healthy son, E, who was born in July 2008.  If it weren’t for him I would have lost my mind a long time ago.

As I have gone through this time and again I have been deeply frustrated by the lack of information around recurrent chemical pregnancies.  So many people, doctors and otherwise, want to write them off, they say “oh, just try again” or “well at least you can GET pregnant.”  Well yeah, but if I lose them before I even have a chance to get used to the idea of being pregnant, really what good does that do me??

Anyway, I created this blog to help me keep track of resources and information that I have found interesting.  I will also post about my successes and failures.  I hope that maybe this will help someone else dealing with this frustration and pain.  Feel free to email me your story or questions.  I am not a medical professional but I am always here to listen.


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  1. Melissa says:

    Hi there – I have a daughter who is turning 2 next week. I had her in December 2008. We started trying for another baby in June 2010 and I have now had 4 chemical pregnancies, have never made it to the 5th week. i am now with a fertility doctor but not very pleased with him. I came to him after the 3rd pregnancy and he did nothing to prevent #4. I have already gone through all the testing, ultrasound, hsg, bloodwork and progesterone tests and everything has came back normal. Now they want to do the endometrial biopsy on Jan 3rd. They said no matter what next time i need to take baby asprin a a protocol (b6, b12, folic acid, and asprin again). As I was reading through your situtation some of blogs are very similar to my situation. Let me know what your thoughts are, I would love any advice or recommendations you may have!

    • rowanthefrog says:

      Emailed you!

      • meredith burris says:

        Hi there, I can’t believe this blog! Your story is so familar to me! I have a 2 year old soon – conceived via IVF in 2010. We have been trying to have another over the last year – and I have 3 chemical pregnancies as a result. I got pregnant first try with my son – and I am only 3 years older now. I firmly believe there is an implantation issue (vs embryo quality) given I keep losing my babies right after a positive beta! I am so frustrated – this last round, my RE had me on baby aspirin, supplemental thyroid care, heparin, DHEA 100 and intralipids! This was my highest beta at 14DPO (51), which went down to 25 three days later! I am so frustrated – I firmly believe something has changed since my c-section with my son – and my RE seems clueless on what to do next. This is a long winded way to ask – you have had many RE opinions on your journey – If you had to recommend someone, who would you recommed I contact? Your story is inspirational – please let me know!

      • rowanthefrog says:

        Hi Meredith,

        Thanks for your comments and I’m so sorry to hear what you have been going through. Generally I think that women who miscarry early are a bit of a mystery for most REs. We aren’t “infertile,” and yet most of the available testing tests for miscarriage issues past 7 weeks. No help to us at all.

        The RE that put me on the protocol that ultimately resulted in 2 successful pregnancies was Dr. Bruce Lessey in Greenville, SC. The protocol is detailed here. It may be something you can discuss with your current RE, or you can also call Dr. Lessey and talk with him. He advised me remotely (I’m in Atlanta, GA.)

        Hope that helps! Keep us posted.


    • Julia says:

      Any update? Going through exact same thing! My daughter is 3…7 losses since her.

  2. Anu says:

    Hi there,

    I was just going through your blog. It is really a relief to know that you had a baby after 4 early pregnancy losses. I am also in the same situation here… We have been trying for a baby from past 2 years and although i get pregnant very easily, I end up having a very early pregnancy loss. I would like to know what the treatment plan was for you when you conceived your baby. It would be of great help.

  3. Rachel Roseman says:

    Thank you for your blog. I too am a recurrent early miscarriage sufferer and I’m waiting to see if pregnancy number 5 will pan out. it is an accidental pregnancy between IVFs. I wasn’t even trying! Every day is a crazy symptom check game but I don’t think this one is going to work either. The longer I go on the worse and better it gets at the same time. I can also tell when I am pregnant with no test so it’s not like I can even ignore them happening to me. We are adopting a son from Ethiopia and have our referral so that is helping me but I am so fed up with this. We live in China so I travel to the U.S. to do IVF. I also have reproductive immunologists there and I just started going to Taiwan for LIT. In addition to needing LIT, I also have anti-ovarian antibodies and my eggs declined in quality at a relatively early age. Sometimes I feel like fighting and fighting to win this and other times I just want to quit and go on birth control until I hit menopause. I am also writing a book about this because I feel like there is no standardization and very little cooperation between doctors. And people need to start having kids when they are younger. I started when I was 33 and people seem to think that’s relatively young to start these days but since our fertility is declining from the environment we need to start even younger. Finally, so many people have early miscarriages and don’t know it or it gets dismissed by their doctors. It’s a mess out there.

    • rowanthefrog says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about all you have gone through, but I hope your adoption has gone smoothly and you are the mom to a wonderful child by now. Its so frustrating and crazy what happens to our bodies. It seems like it should be so easy but its not.

      I would love to hear your update if you see this message. I’m so sorry I didn’t reply sooner.


  4. Your blog is so inspirational. I just had my 4th “Chemical Pregnancy” this past weekend. Starting my doctors journey tomorrow and seeing if i need progesterone or just what. I was just so glad to come across someone who knows what i am going through!


    • rowanthefrog says:

      Thank you. I put it up as a resource for others going through the same thing. I’m so sorry to hear you are going through this nightmare. I hope your doctor has some answers for you, but if not, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for what you want. Please keep me posted on your progress.


    • rowanthefrog says:

      I’m so sorry to hear what you are going through. I’m glad you are seeing a specialist, hopefully they will listen and take you seriously and help you find out what is going on. If not, find another doctor who will. Keep me posted.


  5. candice says:

    thank you so much for this blog. It is SO hard to find info about chemical pregnancy online. I’m now going through my 5th chemical pregnancy. I’m so angry at this point. In my mind I just don’t get how I could have had 1 healthy, normal pregnancy and then so many chemicals. It doesn’t make sense! I’ll hopefully be talking to my doc tomorrow who will recommend a RE.

    • rowanthefrog says:

      I”m so sorry to hear what you are going through. I hope your RE takes your concerns seriously and can help you. Please keep me posted.

  6. Amanda James says:

    Thank you so much for puuing together this blog. It has made fantastic reading and given me some strength today.
    I am at present waiting for my second blood level back for my 5th chemical pregnancy. The first test on Monday was 242 the highest first test I have had but I have already started the bright red bleeding after two days of brown spotting. The same thing keeps happening.
    I have also had two slightly later pregnancy losses at 8 weeks but havent managed to have a child of my own yet.
    My last three pregnancies have been with donor eggs so that has shot all my medical advice down that the losses were due to the age of my eggs (Im 42).
    No idea where to go from here. This pregnancy had been with a donor, using steroids and Clexane as a precaution for immune issues yet still the same thing has happened. I have two frozen embryos waiting but am wondering why should they be any different?
    Feeling very low today.

    • rowanthefrog says:

      I’m deeply deeply sorry for your losses. I assume they have been checking your lining? Have you checked into the beta 3 integrin, NK cells and DQ-Alpha? What testing have they done on you?

      I really hope that you get good news with your blood test, even against all odds. Please keep me posted.


  7. I cannot express in words how truly grateful I am that the universe has led me to your blog. I have had 3 chemical pregnancies (one I am currently experiencing) and 1 miscarriage and am beginning to fear that this is going to be a recurring issue. Reading your blog has given me tremendous hope that I can find out what the problem is and have a successful pregnancy in the future. Thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences with others. You have truly shed a beacon of light on these dark days!

    • rowanthefrog says:


      I’m so sorry to hear what you have been going through and I’m glad you are finding my information to be helpful. I hope it will be a jumping off point for a good discussion with your doctor so you can find out what’s going on and have a healthy baby in your arms soon.


  8. Stephanie says:

    Hi- So my situation is similar. I had Mireana out in mid-December and then had a chemical pregnancy and lost it before the line even got too dark but I was definitely pregnant. This past cycle I took the ovulation tests and had a LH surge on days 13 and 14 and then a few light positive pregnancy test including positive pregnancy test yesterday as I got my period (now negative) the tests were getting darker but them my period began. I have had 3 successful pregnancies with my issues like this before. I’m 36 now but very fit and in good health so I’m guessing this issue is from having the Mireana for 3.75 years. If you have any recommendations please let me know. I did do baby aspirin last cycle but stopped right around conception. I’m also taking generic prenatal vitamins. Thanks in advance. Stephanie

    • rowanthefrog says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      I’m so sorry to hear of your losses. How are your periods? Do they tend to be very short and light? I would wait a few months and see if they get heavier. You may want to consider asking your OB to run the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss panel on you as well and see if anything comes up.

      When we decided to try for our third I took out Mirena and we waited to try to get pregnant. My first two periods were very light but after that they got heavier so I know I had a better lining. I did end up having another miscarriage, but I made it to 7 weeks so it wasn’t a CP this time.

      We are going to try again using the same medicinal protocol that I used to successfully have my 2nd child, I detail it here.
      Keep us posted.


  9. safrin says:

    Hi I just wanted to say that I am on the same boat as you. I had 2 biochemical pregnancies prior to having my son. After that I became pregnant again and can’t seem to go 4 days past my + pregnancy test. I had a total of 4 chemical pregnancies in the span of 1.5 year. I just started IVF and am taking Lovenox and aspirin. My APS came back abnormal, but my RE is convinced that these pregnancies are due to chromosomal. He asked that we do PGD, but the data shows that the pregnancy rate is much lower with PGD then without, and also it does not prevent miscarriages. I simply am so frustrated by my body. I don’t know what I did right with my viable pregnancy, but at 34 I don’t think I can have all bad eggs.

    • rowanthefrog says:

      I’m so sorry for your losses. It is an extraordinarily frustrating place to be in and I had doctors tell me the same thing that they told you. I have had one friend with the same history as us to have a successful pregnancy with IVF and PGD. I chose not to go that route and also had a successful pregnancy. I think its especially tough because the fact is, the doctors DON’T know what’s wrong with us. Its not like there is a smoking gun of hormone issues or other things….so it MUST be chromosomal, right? That’s their best and only guess. Hang in there..I hope your IVF works. Please keep me posted.


  10. Rachel says:

    Hi Ladies,
    I just wanted to let you all know that I struggled with recurrent losses for several years and the keys to my success were lymphocyte injection therapy with my husband in Taiwan, blood thinner shots, and a few infusions with intravenous immunoglobulin. I am due in May and we also adopted from Ethiopia last year so I finally have the family I dreamed about. Good luck and don’t give up.

    • rowanthefrog says:


      Thanks for sharing your story and congrats on your pregnancy! I hope everything progresses smoothly for you.


  11. Rachel says:

    Oh sorry, forgot to mention that I also had IVF with ICSI and PGD. And a slew of other medicines like progesterone (until 16 weeks), baby aspirin, thyroid medicine even though I don’t normally need it, etc.

  12. Christina says:

    Hi. My name is Christina. I just came across your blog. I have 2 healthy boys here on earth with me and have had 7 losses in 2 years. We lost 3 boys, 15w2d, 10w6d, and 10w1d followed by 4 chemical pregnancies (October 2012, December 2012, January 2013, and currently experiencing one right now). I am under the care if an RE and have been on Femara since November. Getting so frustrated with this whole process. Glad to have your blog.

    • rowanthefrog says:

      HI Christina,

      I’m so sorry to hear about all that you have been through. What a complete and utter nightmare. I’m glad to hear you are under the care of an RE. I assume they have already done a lot of testing to see what the causes of your miscarriages are? I’m sorry you are so frustrated and I completely understand where you are. Its just so unbelievable that some people can just get pregnant and have a baby 9 months later…and then there are people like us and its like the worst betting odds ever.

      Anyway, my heart goes out to you as you go through this most recent loss. I hope your next pregnancy brings a baby safely into your arms. Keep me posted.


  13. jess says:

    Wow, I am so happy to hear someone else is in the same boat as me. After having Implanon removed from my arm in 2010 it took for ever to get a period. After a hsg we go prego then lost. In November we go prego again and yet mc. We finally got a bfp in April only to have a mc. We then seeked a fertility doc and she got us on the right track but yet again in Aug Sept we mc. Then in Oct. we had a tubal. How devastating. Now only having one tube that is functional we started back up on the meds. We got a bfp this month but low beta. Story of my life. Back tomorrow.

    Reading your blogs are very soothing knowing it will happenm but it is frustrating.

    • rowanthefrog says:


      I’m so deeply sorry to hear what you have been going through. It is truly devastating. I’m glad that you are finding some solace and information here. I will keep you in my thoughts, please keep me posted on your progress. Don’t give up, you can do this!


  14. jess says:

    Thank you, we just had our 6th chemical this week. We are going to talk with the doc in 2wks to see what our next options are.

    • rowanthefrog says:

      I’m so glad you are seeing a doctor. Remember to take control of your body and ask and PUSH for what you want! Some docs won’t take chemicals seriously but after 6?!?! Ask for the testing you need. Hang in there and keep me posted!


  15. A says:

    Hi!..I am writing to you from Greece…I have done a lot of research in the internet to find info about recurrent chemical pregnancies and your site is the only one I could find with relevant info. I would like to share with you my story, hoping that you might help or think of something that I, and my doctor, are missing here.
    I have a son who was born on January 2011 (he was conceived with our first try and the whole pregnancy was very easy). In July 2012 we started trying for the second one. The very first month of trying I got pregnant but – as I learned after I got the HCG results – it was a chemical. September 2012 came…another chemical. My journey with doctors starts: I did the nk cells exam (the one that shows if something is killing the fetus in the uterus) – negative, I did a very expensive exam to check if I have thrombophilia (thank God most of these are Greek words and we know what we are talking about!) – negative, I did two ultrasounds – everything perfect regardless of the fact that I am 39, I did hormonological exams (LH, LSH, FH, estradiol) – everything perfect.
    Although all the exams came back excellent, my doctor ordered Clomid and progesterone pills after ovulation. He also suggested baby aspirin but I am allergic so I could not take it.
    November 2012 comes and again chemical. December 2012 comes and I am again pregnant and this time everything goes smoothly until the 7th week, when the doctor could not detect a hurt beat. I decided to wait to have a natural abortion which came a whole month after. My period came exactly 4 weeks after the natural abortion (my period comes exactly every 28 days and I have ovulation always on the 15th day). I decided not to TTC for few months so to rest my body and mostly my mind! In the meantime, I went to another doctor with all the exams to get a second opinion. The reply from that doctor was that I shouldn’t worry and all those exams were unnecessary because chemical ones do not count. So, I have only one miscarriage and not four!….my regular doctor takes in consideration everything!
    The month of May 2013 came (I had started Clomid) and again we try, again pregnant, again chemical one….I had an ultrasound yesterday and once more it was confirmed that nothing is wrong with me and the lining of my uterus is as it should be. They only found three cysts at the ovaries and as most probably Clomid caused that, we decided to stop the Clomid. I am OK with that because what to use Clomid for while not only I ovulate on my own but the estradiol and other hormonological exams were fine.
    Last, just to also mention that after the birth of my son I have never had anything out of the ordinary in my period except of the fact that I am spotting brown 5 days approximately before AF. I have specifically indicated that to three different doctors and by looking at my file with exams they do not seem to pay attention or it doesn’t seem to matter. I have done my own research and I found that low progesterone may cause that. But again, the Progesterone pill (Utrogestan 400mg daily) that I am already taking after ovulation until next period seems to be the only solution to that.
    Is there anything you can think of that I should try?…..any other exam I could do?…I would greatly appreciate any feedback from you….. you may not be a doctor but sometimes we have to find alone, at least try, the solutions. I apologize for the long letter but I had to give you all the facts.
    Thank you deeply.

    • rowanthefrog says:

      Dear A,

      Your story sounds so similar to mine, its eerie. I”m so sorry for what you have been going through. I also hate it when doctors don’t “count” chemical pregnancies. OK, so maybe 1 or 2 are “normal” but once you get past that I think its worth looking into. You have already done all the testing that I would suggest. Also, like you, all of my results were normal, which was incredibly frustrating.

      Did you see my “Success after Chemical Pregnancies” post? I successfully conceived and carried my second son in 2011, using a protocol that I detailed in that post. In place of Clomid, I took Femara (Letrozole) and I also took two HCG shots, a trigger and a booster.

      I followed the same protocol again in April (after a 7 week miscarriage in November) and I am currently 9 weeks pregnant with my third child. I’m not entirely sure WHY it works, but it has worked for me now, twice. Perhaps its something you could discuss with your doctor. Hope that gives you something to try.

      Please keep us posted!


      • A says:

        Dear A.
        Thank you for your prompt reply and congratulation for your third pregnancy!!…..I hadn’t realized that you are pregnant for the third time….that gives me so much hope…up to now my son, who is the joy of my life, and that BBC report that maybe recurrent miscarriages are caused by super-fertility were the two things keeping me trying and trying ……but now I have a third reason……others, like you, have been there and have succeeded not once, but twice..
        Yes, I have seen your “Success after Chemical Pregnancies” post and I was planning next week that I will see my doctor again (and it will be a week before my next ovulation) to ask for those Pregnyl shots. I am going to skip Clomid for couple of months because of the cysts….I suppose that when you do Pregnyl shots you cannot test early because the HCG may still be in your blood because of the shots and not as a result of a pregnancy?….I am not planning to continue testing early anyway… better after a missed period so if another chemical occurs, maybe I will never find out..
        I will keep you posted and thank you again!

  16. Kristen says:

    Thank you very much for putting this blog together – it is truly giving me hope. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 7 months. After 3 months of trying I did get pregnant. The day after I found out I was pregnant, my first miscarriage began (chemical pregnancy #1 – I was a little over 4 weeks). Knowing how common miscarriages are and being reassured by my doctor that having this miscarriage did not increase our chances of having a miscarriage in the future, we continued to try. After another 4 months of trying, we got pregnant again. I found out when I was 3 weeks and 6 days. For about a week and a half my HCG numbers continued to double approximately every 2 days. Yesterday, however, my blood work showed that my HCG levels were beginning to fall. When the nurse called, she explained to me that this means I will have a miscarriage. I have already been diagnosed with a mild luteal phase defect. As a result, my doctor had me on Crinone 8% (progesterone). Given that my HCG numbers started to fall, I have been told to stop the progesterone. Now it is just a waiting game. At some point, I think the progesterone will wear off to the point where I begin to bleed. I’m still in disbelief that this has happened again. I felt so positive this time, especially because I made it a week beyond last time. I have to go for blood work next Friday, July 12th. After my levels are completely back to normal, it sounds like my RE is going to be doing a whole bunch of testing. I’m trying to stay off the internet because I know that can be a bad thing. In a way, I’m glad I starting researching a little bit though because it led me to your blog, which is giving me hope. We are at the very beginning stages of this process of trying to figure out “what’s wrong.” Any support, encouragement, and most importantly, guidance that you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for sharing your story. It truly has given me hope during such a difficult time.

    • rowanthefrog says:

      Dear Kristen,

      I’m so sorry to hear that you are on this terrible roller coaster. I’m glad to hear that your RE is being proactive and is going to start testing on you. That is honestly the first thing I would recommend for you, see what comes back. I’m glad you are finding some hope and info here, if you have any specific questions, please let me know!


  17. A says:

    Dear Amy,
    I wanted to give you an update. After 4 chemical pregnancies and one miscarriage within less than a year, I followed your protocol and it worked…as simple as that….I did not even ask my doctor about your protocol ….. I certainly do not advise women to take on their own medications but my doctor was on holidays and I did not want to waste a whole month.
    So, I followed my ovulation via ultrasound and not via Ovulation kit and as soon as my eggs were around 18mm I did the 5.000 Pregnyl shot ……..that brought my ovulation two days earlier this month which was good because it extended my LP. A week after the first shot I did another one of 5.000……..from the day after ovulation a started progesterone orally 400mg daily…………at 13 dpo my HCG was 195 and at 16 dpo it was 800……….after I confirmed the pregnancy I spoke with my doctor and he told me to start CLEXAN shots daily (I have no idea why we are doing that although I do not have issues with clots but I do not mind doing as much as possible to sustain this pregnancy)…….. at 5 ½ weeks I went for an ultrasound and I heard the heartbeat!!!…….I know I have a long way to go until I can hold that baby in to my arms but it is a very good start.
    Τhere are no words to thank you enough for giving hope and solutions to women who face recurrent chemical losses.

    • rowanthefrog says:

      What wonderful news!!! Congratulations!! I love hearing success stories, I’m just thrilled for you. Seeing and hearing that heartbeat is just amazing, isn’t it? Continued good thoughts that your baby keeps growing and is in your arms in 7 months. Please keep me updated!


  18. A Jones says:

    Hi there, I am writing to you from Ireland where there is zero help for any one like mw. my OB-Gyn tells me I’m just unlucky and after 5 chemical pregnancies and 1 blighted ovum I think that he has just no interest in me or my problems. my story began in 2006 when I got pregnant first time with my beautiful daughter- problem free pregnancy. when she was 18 months started to try again. I have very long irregular cycles so it took a while but we got there but unfortunately at 11 weeks was told it was a blighted ovum. After that I went on to have 4 chemical pregnancies in succession – was at my wits end to be honest had even began research adoption as I just couldn’t take the disappointment and heart ache any more I decided to give it one more go on clomid and 400mg progesterone but this time took progesterone after ovulation -dr. recommended waiting until I got positive test. anyway my beautiful bundle of madness arrived May 2011. – again no problem pregnancy. This year we decided to try again armed with clomid and progesterone I thought I was on a winner- how wrong I was. ended up with another chemical pregnancy- knew from first bloods things were not good so came off progesterone waiting to bleed out. nothing happened. ended up in hospital as HCG levels were rising very slowly and they hought it might be ectopic!! something else to add to my list. Any long story short my “lovely” dr was railroading me into a D&C which I didn’t want so went to acupuncture to help, and bled out within a few days.
    Sine then I changed to another doctor who put me on metaformin, utrogestan aspirin and some herbal remedies to help. unfortunately Im back again waiting for my 6th miscarriage. Time is running out as I am 37 and fear my family is smaller than I have ever dreamed it would be. I love my two beautiful daughters and Thank God every day that I was blessed with them. I think I will discuss your protocol with my dr. on my next visit which is tomorrow getting my bloods done to check HCG levels. one major difference is your trigger shots and femera I feel so worth a mention.
    Sorry for rambling on – it is so frustrating the lack of specialists in this country ie none!!!!
    congratulations on your third pregnancy it must have been the best feeling in the world telling your boys.

    • rowanthefrog says:


      I’m so sorry to hear what you have been through. It is so devastating and frustrating. I hope your doctor is receptive to trying the protocol that worked for me. Its very easy and while I’m unsure why it has been successful, I’m grateful. I assume they have already run all the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss bloodwork on you?

      Keep us posted!


  19. Meredith says:

    Hi. Thx for your reply. I definitely agree that REs don’t know what to do with us. Why do we have more intellectual curiosity than some of them? Anyway I looked at your blog and what I am looking for is a list of lab tests you requested. I am going in Wednesday and want to have a list of them ready for our discussion. Is there some place I can pull it off relatively simply ? Please let me know. And congrats on your third pregnancy.

  20. […] for me to read, if only to know I wasn't alone with early losses. You may find that helpful too: https://recurrentearlymiscarriage.wordpress.com/about/ In one of the blogs, the author posts a link to a research study done in which they found some […]

  21. Nicole says:


    I am so glad I found your blog. Here is my story and I feel so alone and devastated.

    I became pregnant on my second try and I was elated. But after taking 5 home tests and getting very strong lines I still couldn’t believe it. However, I had to wait until my period was 6 days late until I could get. A positive after a suspected implantation bleed. That was my first sign of trouble.

    I went to Europe on vacation and before I got on the plane I started having brown discharge. For the next 3 or 4 days I had quite a bit of it with little brown threads( sorry tmi), and minor cramping. But because I did not have bright red bleeding and major cramps I thought I was okay. It stopped and I was relieved.

    For the next 2 weeks I had no morning sickness, but I thought perhaps I was lucky. I did have sore breasts, exhaustion and increased hunger. Last week my symptoms faded. I was worried and contemplates taking another home test but did not. Besides, I hadnt had a period in nearly 2 months. I had to be pregnant.

    Yesterday I was supposed to be 9 weeks. The midwife said my uterus was enlarged, and that it is- I have a small bump. But deep down I knew something was wrong. She told me I was paranoid, as did everyone else. Last week I simply stopped feeling pregnant. I kept thinking of that brown discharge and how there was no baby.

    I was right. The ultrasound showed nothing in my uterus. No sac, no baby. The tech ran out of the room and I knew. My HCG was at 2.

    The nurse called it chemical. How? I still have not had a bleed. I have not had a period since June. I feel so embarrassed, as if they think I made this up. It isn’t like a later miscarriage, which is just as devastating. I’m so hurt and shamed and I shouldn’t be. Thank you you for sharing your story, I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby. You deserve it.

    • rowanthefrog says:


      What a rollercoaster you have been on. I’m so sorry. Have you started bleeding yet? It sounds like a strange chemical pregnancy, lasting longer than it usually would, but perhaps you never had an ultrasound to see anything, even if it wasn’t working out. Don’t be embarrassed, you didn’t make it up. You were pregnant and I’m so sorry for your loss. Unfortunately a lot of medical providers lose their sensitivity to these things, probably from seeing it happen so often. But that doesn’t make it any easier for those of us who have gone through it. The good news is that most women who have a miscarriage the first time go on to have healthy pregnancies soon afterwards. I got pregnant immediately after my first loss with a healthy baby boy. I hope this is your story as well. Big hugs. Please keep us posted.


  22. Nicole says:

    Thank you so much. No I haven’t bled yet but hoping to any day now. Hoping I will conceieve right after. Take care.

  23. Shauna says:

    Hi my name is shauna iam 22 years old and have had 4 chemical misscarriges all never reached the 5th week all my test work ups have be clear they put me on baby aspirin but it never worked my boyfriend has a daughter already it’s so hard to to deal with iam at my withs end with this cant take anymore iam just looking for someone that could share smiler story’s with me:)

    • rowanthefrog says:


      I’m so sorry about what you have been through. I’m glad you have had some testing done. Have you asked about progesterone supplementation? It’s something you can start as soon as you find out you are pregnant, or even before. I hope your next pregnancy is successful. Please keep us posted.


      • Shauna says:

        Haveing my 5th one at the moment:( my next step is going to a fertility clinic I have been told different things by doctors some say that the pergestrone won’t do anything and some tell me it might iam haveing a hard time talking to theses doctors they keep brushing me off keep tellin me iam to young to be worrying about this I hope I find a doctor that actually cares and will do something thank you for reading my post x

  24. Kim says:

    I just wanted to share my story:

    I got pregnant naturally with our first son in 2010. No issues whatsoever except that it took almost a year for us to conceive him. Wanting kids close in age, I never went on birth control after my son’s birth. Shortly after he turned one, I got pregnant. It resulted in a chemical pregnancy and I was devastated. I got pregnant 2 more times in 2012 and both also ended in a chemical pregnancy. After about 8 months of not being able to conceive after the 3rd miscarriage, I started seeing a fertility specialist on who put me on femara, estradiol, steroids and progesterone after I tested negative on all the tests that they ran. I was on medications for about 4 months before I decided to stop and give my body a rest. I then decided to make a consult with a new fertility specialist, and the month before I was supposed to start a medicated cycle with them, I got pregnant on my own, and we got to see a heartbeat and a healthy baby last week! The only thing that I did different with this pregnancy was taking 400 mg of progesterone and baby aspirin after I got my positive test. I just wanted to let all you ladies out there who are discouraged, not to give up. It may take much, much longer than you had anticipated, but for many of you it will eventually work out! And this blog is definitely a wonderful resource!

  25. A says:

    Dear A.
    I wanted to give you an update…everything goes well!…I am 24 weeks now!! …I did amniocentesis a month ago because of my age (I am turning 40 in March) and everything shows that I am expecting a healthy baby boy and my due date is around my birthday……..I visit very often your site and I read all the stories from women around the world………my son was conceived easily but after that I had 4 chemical ones and one miscarriage at 7 weeks and all that in less than a year….but now that everything goes well I forgot the anxiety and the worries and the sadness that I have been through that year…….I followed your protocol and it worked but maybe for other women it won’t be the case…..I just want to tell to the women having similar issues that I feel their anxiety ………I have friends of mine that cannot conceive naturally or after repeated IVF (in Greece you can have as many as you want-or at least as many as you can afford)….the fact that we are visiting and communicating in this blog means that we are at least getting pregnant and that is a first but HUGE step…..do not leave things to luck regardless of your age…speak with specialist, do exams and do not accept the “bad luck” as an answer…..…it may be bad luck but it may not….I wish all the best to everyone and next time I type a message I hope it will be from the clinic having my new angel next to me…Warm regards – A.

    • rowanthefrog says:


      Congrats on your healthy baby boy!!! Boys are just wonderful, I should know I’m surrounded by them 🙂 I’m happy to hear that the protocol worked for you!! It makes me heart sing to know that this blog and my journey are helping other women, helping you!! How wonderful 🙂 Please post again when you have your baby and tell us all about him!



  26. Katie says:

    First, thank you for sharing all of this information. I feel like I shouldn’t be in any sort of panic yet because I am not at the point of having numerous chemical pregnancies, but I can’t shake the feeling that something is up with my body.

    I became pregnant unexpectedly in September of last year, but began bleeding at 4w5d. After an ER trip where I encountered a pretty rude group of doctors and nurses (“Oh, first pregnancy, huh?”), my beta was 151 and I was told to have a second one drawn in a couple of days. When my husband and I left, everyone congratulated us on definitely being pregnant (like they didn’t believe us when we came in!) and said that everything would probably be fine. Two days later my beta was 38 and I m/c completely over the next couple of days. My OB saw me a couple of weeks later and was sympathetic (which after reading this, I know isn’t always the case). She told me that if I wanted to keep trying to get pregnant to get on a vitamin and go for it. So I waited one cycle and did just that.

    My husband was out of town for work when I ovulated in November, but we were able to try last month. A week or so after my ovulation I had all of the symptoms again, but was afraid to test. On the day my period was due I got a faint positive, but subsequent tests were negative and I started bleeding last night which would have been 4w3d. Maybe that faint positive was wishful thinking, but my gut tells me this was another CP, meaning that I’ve now had 2 in a row. As much as I’d like to tell myself that I read the test wrong and this is just a normal period, I know that I saw that positive and that I’m never late for my period like I was this cycle.

    All of that said, I’m wondering about a couple of things. First, about me, I’m 29 and I have a history of abnormal paps (mild cervical dysplasia) with one LEEP 10 years ago and numerous colposcopies. There is no sign of cancer at this point, but I’m basically being monitored with extra paps every year. I was on BC pills continuously for 9 years with 5 of those years being on Yaz. While on Yaz, my uterine lining thinned out so much that I stopped having periods completely for a few years. I’ve now been off the pill for about 9 months. I resumed very regular 28 day cycles within a month of stopping the pill (save for the first m/c when I was 5 days late and this month when I was 3 days late). In any of your research have you run across any links between Yaz and CPs after taking it for a number of years? Are there any links between cervical dysplasia/HPV and CP? I know that you’re not a doctor, but I also see that you follow a lot of peer reviewed research so I’m just interested to see what might be out there.

    I know that I’m at the beginning of this whole TTC journey, and maybe everything will be fine. If it’s not, however, I want to know how to advocate for myself to make sure I can get what I need from my doctor. I do have to say that reading about your success and the success of some other commenters does make me hopeful. Thanks in advance for any insight you might have!

    • rowanthefrog says:

      Hi Katie,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your losses. It sounds like you have a supportive OB, so it might not be a bad idea to go ahead and ask for the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss panel, just to see if anything comes up. A lot of times OBs won’t offer it until you have had 3 losses, but it can never hurt to ask. As far as Yaz, cervical dysplasia/HPV, honestly I never really looked into those issues since that was not my history. However, the thinning lining could be an issue. Are you having normal flow periods now? I like looking through this site: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/. I think the first step for you would be to ask for the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss bloodwork and see what comes up. Best of luck! I hope your next pregnancy brings a baby into your arms.


  27. Erin says:

    First of all, congratulations on your two miracle babies and three healthy boys! Your success stories are a true inspiration to others suffering similar situations, like myself at 30 years old.

    I have now had three chemical pregnancies, beginning in September, 2013. I too have gotten pregnant every time we TTC, and most recently when we were trying NOT to. Unfortunately, all three times resulted in miscarriage exactly two weeks after my period was due, or at least when I thought it was due. The symptoms included first faint lines, then spotting, and finally a decrease in HCG, which was never a high number to begin with.

    I had been on birth control consistently for 15 years and went off for the first time in August, one month before my first pregnancy. I have gotten pregnant so easily since I’ve been off that I have only had one “normal” menstrual cycle post-birth control. I still don’t even know exactly when I’m ovulating so I plan to take an ovulation kit this month. My OB has scheduled me an appointment for the third day of my February menstrual cycle to do a Recurrent Pregnancy Loss panel to determine my progesterone levels, etc. Does this sound like the right time to test? I’m hoping that in fact my progesterone is low so he can prescribe me with Prometrium or a like prescription. My biggest fear is that my condition will be undiagnosed and my husband and I will have to go through the extensive, frustrating, uncertainty of determining what is “wrong”.

    All of this being said, I wanted you to know how encouraging your blog has been for me during this difficult time and although we may experience different hurtles in our journeys, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The description of your fears, obsessions, roller coasters, superstitions and hopes sounds so familiar to my emotions and helps me know that I’m not the only one. Although my wonderful husband, family and friends have been so supportive, no one truly knows what I’m going through except women who have experienced it. Thank you for sharing your story, your research, and for your encouragement to women out there in need.

    Never stop blogging! You truly are a blessing.

    • rowanthefrog says:


      Thank you for your kind words and I’m deeply sorry to hear what you have been going through. It’s a nightmare of a roller coaster that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I think what your OB is doing is a great first step. I hope that something comes of your blood tests, but if not, don’t be afraid to dig deeper. Prometrium is certainly an option and an easy one for your OB to prescribe. Please keep us posted on what happens.



  28. Alissa says:

    Your story gives me a bit of hope. I conceived two healthy children my youngest soon to be 8. After missing some pills due to illness and stress I got pregnant. Days later lost the pregnancy. Blood beta showed all was normal as well as US normal and to try again. Tracking, OPK, Timing, Trying everything. Was taking Vitex to regulate my cycles, e.primrose oil, B6, and prenatals. I am healthy and in shape. 13 day LP. BBT are completely in normal range so no signal my progesterone is off. I get pregnant again days ago. I told no one I had a pit feeling it was not right. After getting a positive DIGI at 11DPO I lost the pregnancy. Seeing my OB in a few days. And scheduled a appt with an RE for RPL hopefully in July. I am devastated, heartbroken and just can’t believe I am experiencing this. My last two periods are much lighter bleeding but always arriving exactly on time to the day. Now I am widely worried I will never conceive the last child I long for. I know my path is to see the dr after 2 losses in 4 months. Any other helpful advice. I am now adding whole milk to my regimen. As you have experienced my stress level is through the room on all accounts. I am glad you made it past this to conceive your three wonderful boys.

    • rowanthefrog says:


      I’m so sorry for your losses.It sounds like you are taking all the right steps to find out what’s going on and get the right care to have a healthy pregnancy. I detailed the regimen that helped me successfully stay pregnant here. It may be something you want to discuss with your RE.

      I hope your next pregnancy brings a sweet baby into your arms.


  29. Kara says:

    Hi , I read through your blog and you mentioned testing for mthfr but did not post the results . Can you tell me what your results are on that?
    I have had a a missed miscarriage an early mc , DS, a partial molar , 3 back to back early or chemicals and then another DS, and now another chemical . So far a I know is that I have an mthfr mutation.
    Tia 🙂

    • rowanthefrog says:

      Hi Tia,

      I did not have a MTHFR mutation. I have another friend who has a similar history to me (along with a few later m/c) who did have the MTHFR mutation and she had to take heparin injections. I’m so sorry for your losses and hope that your next baby makes it into your arms.


  30. Rebecca Connor says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. It’s the first thing I’ve read that made sense and was familiar in more than one way. I’ve had 2 chemical pregnancies, a year and a half apart from each other. Neither were planned, but I have 2 children already and was completely shocked to miscarry. The first one I was at age 36 and the second I was almost 38. So, of course I blamed it on my age and my doctor said not to think that way… I am healthy, non-smoker, I exercise regularly, eat well, take vitamins ect. After the second miscarriage, I had an ultrasound and things appeared healthy and normal inside. My doctor said when I’m ready to try again to schedule an appointment for a physical to prepare my body. When I read about your uterus lining it sparked something in me… I have very light and short periods. Dr said it could be due to thin lining. So I guess I’m asking for advice, insight on a game plan. And also if age is a factor?

    • rowanthefrog says:


      I’m so sorry for your losses. Age can certainly be a factor, though I was 32 and 34/35 as I experienced my losses. I hope you continued to read through the blog, but you can ask your OB to check your lining around day 9 to see the thickness if they are willing. I detailed the protocol that helped me have my last 2 children here. I hope that helps, but if you have further questions then please let me know.


  31. Heidi says:

    Hi- I am so glad that I have come across your blog. It has given me so much comfort during this nightmare I am on. I just went through my 4th chemical pregnancy in the last two years. I have 2 wonderful boys who are 10 and 5. I had no issues conceiving or maintaining their pregnancies so i have no idea what has happened now. I have done all the testing which has shown a few issues. I do have mthfr and my progesterone has been low. My doctor put me on femara this last cycle with an hcg trigger and progesterone following ovulation. This protocol resultred in a pregnancy and I was so hopeful that this would work. Unfortunately it ended in the same outcome as my previous losses. I am angry, sad, scared and confused. I don’t know where to go from here. It gives me hope reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your story!

    • rowanthefrog says:


      I’m so sorry for your losses. I’m glad you found some hope here and I hope your next pregnancy brings a beautiful baby into your arms.

  32. nicole says:

    Thank you so much for posting your findings. I just had my third chemical pregnancy within 3 months and my doctor told me there’s like a 1 in a 100,000 chance of that happening. I can totally relate to everything your saying and it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I see this blog is from a while ago, but I saw you went somewhere in Chicago and I too live in the Chicago area so may try looking them up. My dr. Seems to think it’s an autoimmune disorder because my ana came back high, but have to wait 2 months to get into a rhuematologist. I just want answers, Im not getting any younger and want a family desperately but don’t know how much more of this emotional Rollercoaster I can handle. So again thank you so much for sharing your story!

    • rowanthefrog says:

      I’m so sorry for your losses. I did send my bloodwork off to a lab in Chicago (I’m in Atlanta.) It sounds like your doc may have something to look into so that is good. Please keep us posted on your progress.


      • nicole says:

        Unfortunately yesterday they finally diagnosed this pregnany as ectopic. They said I was pregnant with twins and miscarried the one and the other was ectopic , so was given the methodextrate shot to help expel the pregnancy. I am heartbroken knowing I lost not 1 but 2 babies within a week. Now I will have to wait for the meds to get out of my system before trying again. I am hopeful it will happen for us and reading stories on all these blog sites is really giving me hope to keep trying.

      • rowanthefrog says:

        I’m so sorry Nicole. How devastating. My heart is with you. Please keep hope, I know its hard, but I will have it for you if you don’t. Update us when you can.


  33. Carissa says:

    Hello! I don’t know if you even still read this thing…
    But I just HAVE to ask you if you have ever gotten tested for the Gene mutation MTHFR?

    • rowanthefrog says:


      I did get tested for MTHFR and I did not have the mutation. However a good friend of mine who had the same history as mine did have that mutation. She took heparin shots to maintain her pregnancies.


  34. Carissa says:

    My sister in law had almost twenty miscarriages, IVF, the whole nine yards! All failed…
    And she FINALLY discovered she had something called a mutated MTHFR gene.
    Email me if you want! carissaholdaway@gmail.com She got pregnant (and it stayed) NATURALLY after only one month of taking the prescription metanx.
    Hope this helps!

    • rowanthefrog says:


      Thank you so much for the information! I did not have the MTHFR mutation and eventually did go on to have 2 successful pregnancies after I started this blog. I really appreciate your offer of help!


  35. Danielle says:

    So sorry for your losses. I just had my 3rd chemical, fourth loss. My doctor didn’t just dust it off after my last one. We started testing. Recurrent Aps testing was done Monday. I’m 35, and blessed with 3 girls already. I try to remain positive that the next will be successful.

    • rowanthefrog says:


      I’m so sorry for your losses. I’m glad you are getting testing and I’m sure you have gotten the results by now. Please update us on how things are going.


  36. Heather says:

    Oh my, your blog is the biggest beacon of light I’ve been able to find in this storm of ttc. Hubby and I have been ttc for 1.5 years and within that time we’ve had three chemical pregnancies. None of my numbers for those were high. I had like a 5 for one and a 3 for another. What a joke! Two chemicals were natural and the third happened during our first Clomid cycle. I am now on my third round of Clomid just hoping something will be different the next time we get pregnant. I was diagnosed with PCOS earlier this year and RE thinks my losses have to do with bad egg quality. I’m 28 and I’m having a hard time believing this is my problem. Nonetheless I have started asking Ovaboost to try and help.

    Your story gives me immeasurable hope! I am curious if I could do your protocol but using Clomid instead of Femera? I don’t have the thin lining issue and I seem to respond well to Clomid. Just curious if you knew whether it for sure had to be Femera to work or if Clomid had a chance. Thanks!

  37. ThankYou says:

    Just wanted to write and say thank you for your blog. I’m not sure if you read it anymore, but I wanted to let you know that your honesty and openness with blogging about your struggles gave me hope, inspiration and (hopefully hopefully) a second baby due in a few months.

    We had so many similarities in our stories. I too had an uneventful first pregnancy.. Then 2 years later we tried again and had three chemical pregnancies in a row. It was an incredibly devastating and frustrating experience, as many doctors brushed aside our journey and told us nothing was wrong. We had a standard initial workup that turned up nothing out of the ordinary and we continued to lack faith in our REs. Based on your blog we reached out to Dr Lessey from afar and within weeks of starting the protocol you were on we found out we were pregnant. Based on our story (a prior c-section, a first pregnancy that was successful coming right off of OCPs), he was convinced it was possibly endometriosis. We’re now over the 20 week hump and continuing to pray that the remainder of our pregnancy will be uneventful.

    Thank you!

  38. Ashkem says:

    Hi, I have had 6 chemical pregnancys now. 5 I have had back to back then me and my husband had a few months break as I couldn’t keep dealing with the strong pregnancy symtoms , finding out I was pregnant and then my ‘period’ arriving. So we stopped for about 5 months, tried again last month and what do you no I had another. This can’t be a coincidence , there must be something wrong with me. I’m trying taking folic acid as I have read that that has helped women keep there next pregnancy x

  39. Molly says:


    I’m not sure where to start. I’ve never actually commented on a blog or anything like this. I came upon your blog as I am currently looking for answers.

    We lost our first baby in October, 2014. I was supposed to be 15 weeks but the fetus had stopped growing at 11 weeks. I had a D&C the same day I found out. A month later my HCG levels had still not come down. I tried 2 rounds of Misoprostal at home, with no success. I ended up having a second D&C at the end of November.

    We started trying again in January. Since January and today I have had a total of 5 chemical pregnancies. My HGC numbers start off slow and do not double, the loss usually occurs around 16-20 days post ovulation.

    I have been going to a fertility clinic since the first loss (October, 2014), so I’ve timed and known exactly when I was ovulating and when to have intercourse. They’ve monitored my thyroid and hormones, lining – every month everything comes normal, lining is on average 9mm and follicle is on average 21mm.

    The clinic keeps telling me this is normal. Granted, I am not a doctor, this does not seem normal to me.

    After my 3rd chemical pregnancy they put me on progesterone, thyroid medication (even though it was still in the normal range with a little elevation) and I am now also taking baby aspirin.

    They also did a sonohystorgram, wherein they confirmed that the 2 D&Cs did not cause any scarring (aka Asherman Syndrome).

    They gave me the go ahead to do recurrent pregnancy loss analysis. This includes the sonohystogram (which came back clear), egg reserve analysis for my age (which came back average) and blood work. I have not completed the bloodwork yet (as I was hoping this last pregnancy would stick), I also have a bloodwork requisition for my husband.

    I have an upcoming appointment with the clinic on Monday, and I expect that they will, again, tell me that this is normal.

    To be honest, I’m not sure why I am writing to you. I obviously don’t expect you to have any answers for me. My husband is amazingly supportive, but I think there is a difference is “speaking” to someone that has gone through someone like this.

    It’s sad. Most women get a positive pregnancy test and are happy, and usually go to have a successful pregnancy. That happiness is gone for us. I still have hope when I see that faint line for the first time. It’s just not the same.

    Thank you for taking the time to “listen” to me.


  40. Chantal Pearce says:

    Totally off topic, but came about your page through a link you have in you signature, anyway my youngest son’s name is Andrew and one month older then your youngest.

  41. Meredith says:

    Hi, Thank you so much for writing this blog. I often felt alone and as if my chemical miscarriages don’t really count. I’ve had 8 (7 chemical). Before conceiving my first child, I had 3 miscarriages and successfully carried my son full term (we were one month away from starting IUI). 12 months later we were surprised to learn we were pregnant again and we carried my second son to full term. Both of my pregnancies I was kept on lovanox to avoid clotting. Now trying for baby number 3 and I’ve had 5 chemical miscarriages, one that I experienced just yesterday. My doctor told me that chemical miscarriages are normal and that if I get tired of miscarrying my only option is IVF which will only increase my chances of a pregnancy sticking 10% and if I were to do IUI my chances of a pregnancy sticking would drop even more than trying on my own. She told me that she doesn’t know if I will experience 10 more chemical miscarriages before one sticks, but her recommendation to me was to do nothing and to just wait until one sticks. I am so heart broken at this point, because I know this is not normal and I feel as if there was no options for me. Your blog has given me hope. I would love to reach out to you and get any advice or recommendations you may have.

    • rowanthefrog says:

      Hi Meredith,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your losses. It sounds like it’s time to find a new doctor who is willing to help you. Your doctor reminds me of some of the first I saw and I was not willing to accept that answer. I did find a protocol that ultimately resulted in my two younger sons being born. Hopefully it will help you!


  42. Melanie says:

    Very similar situation here. IVF due to hubby’s issues (no sperm issue). First round of IVF in Oct 2013 resulted in our daughter 6 embryos, day 3 transfer successful 5 embryos frozen. We went back in July 2015 to go again, excited! This excitement was soon lost. Of the 5 embryos only 1 survived and we transferred on day 5. Failed. So we went another round in Sept getting 2 embryos to day 5. First transfer resulted in bleeding night before bloods, positive result (low HCG) which went down over following blood test. So we went again with another frozen embryo with the same result, bleeding before bloods, bloods were positive with low level HCG which continued to drop. We then changed medication to go for another round, after not enough stimulation in jan we cancelled the cycle and increased meds. This time we got 8 eggs and only 3 embryos. Transferred best looking embryo day 3 (other two embryos did no progress). Bleeding started night before bloods, positive low HCG levels which continued to drop again. I am so lost I don’t know what to do. Doctor seems to think my egg quality hasn’t been that great last 2 cycles (menopur was supposed to help with this) but doesn’t seem to have. We don’t see him til next week and I don’t know where to go from here??

  43. Jess says:

    I have a healthy 5 year old son that we conceived naturally. When my son was 2 1/2, while we were starting to try for a second child, he developed hand foot and mouth. My husband contracted it and he ended up with complications. He ended up with a low sperm count due to a really bad infection. We tried iui twice, which were negative. We moved on to ivf paying completely out of pocket. The first round we had 4 embryos that were good quality. We had 3 chemical pregnancies and one negative. The RE suspected a blood clotting issue so he put my wife on aspirin for the last one which was negative. We decided to go through it one more time. We again had 4 embryos. We put in 2 and it resulted in another chemical pregnancy. We have 2 left and we have completely lost hope. Nobody seems to have any answers

  44. William says:

    I just discovered your blog and have found it a really inspirational and helpful read. My wife and I have a healthy 2-year-old son, but have had 4 chemical pregnancies in the past 1.5 years. Our story is similar to yours in many ways (except we have used no birth control of any form). I’m curious about several things and hoping you can elaborate.

    By what means have your doctors been measuring the uterine lining and what test was used to diagnose it as being thin? (You describe the test as having been done fairly often in several posts. Was it transvaginal ultrasound?)

    Were there any side-effects or risk factors for the drug treatment protocol you were on that you credit with helping you have your 2nd and 3rd healthy pregnancies?

    Would you mind if I asked how old you and your husband were when you had your 2nd and 3rd children? (My wife and I are both over 40, and keeping our fingers crossed and prayers going that there’s still hope for another healthy pregnancy).

    Thanks very much!

  45. FrustratedMom says:

    Ty so much for your story. 4 chem pregs in a short time. Angry. 11 pregs total. 2 live children. Hoping we can talk. Endo next says Dr. So tired of losing. Tired of positive tests I cant get excited about. Sick to my stomach just typing it. No woman should endure this. Can we chat via email? Id love to share and hope you may know something I haven’t researched or experienced yet. Ty again.

  46. Mallory says:

    Hello, I have come across your blog a few times this past year in my quest for answers, and so happy everything worked out for you. I am currently 29 y/o with no children, on pregnancy #4 in 14 months and it’s about to end in another chemical (confirmed by HCG yesterday). I’m completely at a loss. I have been evaluated by two RE’s and the only thing one came up with was slightly high NK cells, they put me on intralipids this last time, as well as progrsterone suppositories, and it clearly didn’t work. We are so heartbroken. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve expressed to my doctors that my periods are abnormally light since I had my mirena removed and every time I have an U/S they agree my lining is thin, yet nobody had brought up treating this. I had two chemicals ending at 5 weeks last year, then an ectopic which “thrived”- getting to an HCG of 9000, before blowing out my right tube at 6 weeks and requiring an emergency salpingectomy. That right there tells me this is clearly a uterine implantation issue!! i ended up switching RE’s because they missed this. Because my other tube looked normal in surgery and on HSG (which was btw normal prior to that pregnancy also) we decided to try again and here I am 6 months later about to loose #4 just over 4 weeks. I found out I was pregnant the week I was going to start IVF out of desperation and thought what a blessing. I am going to bring up Dr lessy’s protocol to my RE and maybe give it one more go around before starting IVF. Interestingly, that protocol was already sort of part of my IVF protocol plus other drugs including medrol. Is dr lessy a specialist in chemical losses? I may make the from from Florida to see him depending on what my RE has to say.
    I really appreciate your posts and wish I could find more people out there like you! If you have any other recommendations please let me know!
    I have a blog too but have not updated in several months; missiontomommy.com

    • Happiness says:

      Hi all, i have just come across your blog and my heart goes out to all of you that have had to endure m/c. I have just had 2 m/c back to back in 4 months and fearing the very worse that i will never be able to have a baby.

      My husband and I decided to start trying in July this year and fell pregnant straight away on my 35th birthday. I felt ecstatic and over the moon and sighed relief that it had been so easy to conceive on our first try. At 5.5 weeks pregnant i had cramping – i told my doctors and was told this was normal and not to be concerned. As my pregnancy progressed i had no morning sickness which i thought was odd, however again was told this can be normal. I also kept testing positive on pregnancy tests all the way through and no bleeding. Here in the UK you only get scanned at 12 weeks. At my 12 weeks scan i was told that i had lost the baby at the 6 weeks mark and i had what is known as a missed miscarriage. I was devastated, 12weeks of walking around being excited planning an April birth all gone. I also felt stupid for not being more demanding with the doctors and going for an early scan as in my heart i knew something wasn’t right. I had an SMM at this point.

      Being told that miscarriage is common and not to worry my husband and I TTC and i fell pregnant again straight away. I had two positive tests at 4 weeks pregnant. I had very light cramping all that week from 3.6weeks to 4.4weeks however i then took another pregnancy test at 5 week and it was negative. I started to bleed another week later. I had another m/c or chemical pregnancy and again i was devastated (or should i say devastated as only just finishing bleeding now).

      So here i am at the start of my journey of TTC after two early m/c. I have booked in to see a leading OB here in the UK but appointments are slow and only in January (another 6 weeks to wait). In the mean time my NHS doctor is going to take my blood and send me to have a scan to check my uterus and lining.

      I would like to try again straightaway, however i am scared in case i fail again – it’s just heartbreaking. I feel overwhelmed by all of the information on here – not in a bad way (as it’s really amazing that everyone has contributed), however just not sure what to do in the meantime while i wait for an appointment.

      I would like to start taking proestrogen, baby aspirin (is this just normal aspirin?) and B12 as i keep on reading on here success stories before i TTC again, however not sure how to get it/ or indeed if wise to self medicate. Is this something i can ask for easily from UK doctors – having just been to see the NHS doctor i think he will turn me away.

      Also i see lots of people testing HCg levels – can you buy over the counter kits for this? Its so difficult to see the doctors here i doubt the next time i conceive i could see a doctor in time to get any levels checked.

      Anyhow i realise that my post may be late, being many years after this blog started, but was hoping to here any advise/success stories to help me through this difficult time?

      Thank you to the lady who stated this blog and shared her story


  47. Marissa Lomas says:

    Thank you for your blog. I just experienced my 3rd chemical through IVF (PGS tested embryo). I see my doctor this week. I have read your protocol. I’m wondering if I should ask for the ERA test or just try again with another frozen transfer. We have two embryos left.

  48. Rebecca says:

    I’m looking for some advice. I am 21 and have aps and have had at least 11 miscarriages my second pregnancy was a healthy girl who is now 5 but my first and every pregnancy after her I have had inevitable miscarriages, chemical pregnancy and blighted ovum. I am now with a new partner newly married and have had at least 1 chemical pregnancy with my husband of 3 months. All I want is children but I can’t even get past implantation half the time. Any help?

  49. Happiness says:

    Hi all, i have just come across your blog and my heart goes out to all of you that have had to endure m/c. I have just had 2 m/c back to back in 4 months and fearing the very worse that i will never be able to have a baby.

    My husband and I decided to start trying in July this year and fell pregnant straight away on my 35th birthday. I felt ecstatic and over the moon and sighed relief that it had been so easy to conceive on our first try. At 5.5 weeks pregnant i had cramping – i told my doctors and was told this was normal and not to be concerned. As my pregnancy progressed i had no morning sickness which i thought was odd, however again was told this can be normal. I also kept testing positive on pregnancy tests all the way through and no bleeding. Here in the UK you only get scanned at 12 weeks. At my 12 weeks scan i was told that i had lost the baby at the 6 weeks mark and i had what is known as a missed miscarriage. I was devastated, 12weeks of walking around being excited planning an April birth all gone. I also felt stupid for not being more demanding with the doctors and going for an early scan as in my heart i knew something wasn’t right. I had an SMM at this point.

    Being told that miscarriage is common and not to worry my husband and I TTC and i fell pregnant again straight away. I had two positive tests at 4 weeks pregnant. I had very light cramping all that week from 3.6weeks to 4.4weeks however i then took another pregnancy test at 5 week and it was negative. I started to bleed another week later. I had another m/c or chemical pregnancy and again i was devastated (or should i say devastated as only just finishing bleeding now).

    So here i am at the start of my journey of TTC after two early m/c. I have booked in to see a leading OB here in the UK but appointments are slow and only in January (another 6 weeks to wait). In the mean time my NHS doctor is going to take my blood and send me to have a scan to check my uterus and lining.

    I would like to try again straightaway, however i am scared in case i fail again – it’s just heartbreaking. I feel overwhelmed by all of the information on here – not in a bad way (as it’s really amazing that everyone has contributed), however just not sure what to do in the meantime while i wait for an appointment.

    I would like to start taking proestrogen, baby aspirin (is this just normal aspirin?) and B12 as i keep on reading on here success stories before i TTC again, however not sure how to get it/ or indeed if wise to self medicate. Is this something i can ask for easily from UK doctors – having just been to see the NHS doctor i think he will turn me away.

    Also i see lots of people testing HCg levels – can you buy over the counter kits for this? Its so difficult to see the doctors here i doubt the next time i conceive i could see a doctor in time to get any levels checked.

    Anyhow i realise that my post may be late, being many years after this blog started, but was hoping to here any advise/success stories to help me through this difficult time?

    Thank you to the lady who stated this blog and shared her story


  50. Vicki says:

    Hi – I have had 2 chemical pregnancies in a row (one in November and another in January this year). I have seen a doctor who’s first language was not English and when I explained why I was there, his first reaction was to laugh and say “what is a chemical pregnancy” in a patronising tone. The rest of the appointment didn’t improve. He has “referred” me to a gynaecologist but said there is no guarantee that they will accept the referral. 2 weeks has passed and I’ve heard nothing so I called today only to get a snooty receptionist tell me that referrals take a “while” (not sure how long that is, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 6months?!) and that I have to just wait (an indefinite amount of time).
    Since my second chemical pregnancy, I have started to have problems such as intense pelvic pain during intercourse which lasts for a day after. I tried to book an app with the doctor to update them on this (as I am concerned I have some kind of cervical infection) but was told that there are no app for a month and that to get one sooner, I have to call at 8:30am every morning to see if there is any cancellations. Obviosuly these pains are an indicator that something is not right and I am worried that ignoring it will cause irreversible damage. I am at my wits end with it all. My husband is desperate for a baby and although he is massively supportive, I just feel like I’m letting him down 😦 I feel like there is nobody (medically) I can turn to, I just feel so alone and helpless. Even if I do conceive again this month, I highly doubt the pregnancy will last because of the issues I am having, as clearly something is wrong. I am tempted to go private (a consultation is £225) but any diagnostic treatment seems to be £1,000s of pounds which I don’t have. Just wanted to vent as I’m so frustrated and sad, this would be our first child and I’m so sick of having the excitement of a positive test taken away so suddenly. Even after the second test I just felt anxious and down because of the bad experience the first time. Any friends or family you speak to just keep telling me to be patient and “it will happen” and even the doctor made me feel like I was being impatient, when it’s not the time it is taking that is bothering me (we have only been trying 6 months) it is the fact that I just can’t seem to hold on to a pregnancy for more than 5 weeks which scares me into thinking there is an issue. I am so fed up of people dismissing my feelings, even being told by a friends sister (who is a midwife) that it’s just an egg and is not classed as a miscarriage and had the general attitude of “get over it”.
    On top of all this, my dad died suddenly in July last year so I am struggling to cope with so much negativity, I just want some positive news now 😦

  51. Jane says:

    Hi, like you I have a healthy child but with a previous partner. With my current partner we have been trying for 8 years. This year so far I’ve had 4 chemicals already. I have had every blood test under the sun and nothing has showed up. Last month I even got really strong postive tests and it still didn’t stick. I was wondering if maybe I have scar tissue from a previous d&c but then again the eggs do implant but I tend to lose them at 5 weeks. I am at a loss now, I’m taking baby aspirin. I haven’t even got to see the consultant yet. This time round at 11 dpo I had a progesterone level of 45.4 and my hcg was 10! I hear women taking medication to stimulate ovulate for a mature egg…. is that an option. Like you said I spend my day googling and looking for answers and I still don’t have any.

  52. Heather says:

    Hi, I am so sorry for everything you have been through. When I started reading your blog and realized that your journey to expand your family had been successful I was so happy, but then I got to the posts about your cancer and I was devastated for you. Hopefully you are in good health these days.

    I have just experienced my fourth chemical pregnancy in the last five months. I am working with a fertility specialist but am not finding them overly helpful. Their response to my losses has been that it is age related (I’m 37) and the result of poor egg quality. I however feel this many chemicals in a row is very abnormal and there must be another issue, and that issue may be a thin lining. So I had a couple questions for you…
    1) What caused your doctors to look at your lining and how thick it was? Did you have bloodwork (i.e. E2 or progesterone) that looked abnormal?
    2) Did you ever take progesterone supplements during your luteal phase, or was the estadiol on CD 9-13 enough?

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