95% Chance of Malignancy

You ladies know me and I’m not one to sit on my laurels and wait for answers. So as you would suspect, I spent hours scouring the internet staring at pictures of others’ mammograms and comparing them to my own, trying to figure out the likelihood of this actually being cancer. Trying to see what sort of microcalifications I had, what it all meant.

Finally, a friend suggested I ask for the actual radiology report. She had given me my images, but not her report. BI-RADS is a rating scale radiologists use to evaluate images.


So there it was, in black and white….BIRADS code 5….greater than or equal to 95% chance of malignancy.

It’s strange, because rather than flipping out, seeing it written down actually brought some sense of calm. I think you guys more than anyone would understand why. An ANSWER. Knowing SOMETHING is better than not knowing at all, right? Even if its not the news you wanted. At least I had something to hold on to, at least I could start to mentally prepare. 95% = cancer to me. Perhaps I’ll be pleasantly surprised, but it’s easier to assume I’ll fall in the 95% because then I can start to move forward.

Of course….I still had to confirm this with the biopsy. That was on Friday. More to come on that.


3 thoughts on “95% Chance of Malignancy

  1. Ellie says:

    I just logged on to see how you were. Keep us posted… and I know what you mean, the anxiety can be worse than the actual issue.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Sorry… could you remove my last name from the comment that I just posted? Thanks!

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