Saying hi!

It’s been so long since I have posted. What really can I say? My last miracle turned 2 this month….TWO! He’s not really a baby anymore but he’s still my baby and I love him to pieces. He doesn’t slow down long enough for me to get a non-blurry picture of him. He’s obsessed with fans, air conditioners and balls, mostly basketballs, but any will do in a pinch.


My second miracle is 4.5 going on 15. He LOVES his little brother (almost too much) but plays so well with his big brother (when he lets him.) He is introspective, smart, and diligent. Give that boy a puzzle and he puts it together like lightning. I know we are supposed to think our kids are the smartest ever, but this one really is!! 😉 20160108_092410

And then my first miracle, who I didn’t even realize how miraculous he was at the time….he is missing his two front teeth. He voraciously reads Harry Potter. He is NOT a little kid, he is small in stature but makes up for it in personality. He is my lovebug. He snuggles with me every chance he gets. He is learning French and has an impeccable accent. He is every bit the “momma’s boy” I was promised when I found out our first child was a boy.


I lost 5….but these three are MINE. They were worth the pain, the waiting, the shots, the failures, the tears, the heartbreak, the invasive procedues…all of it. They are worth it.

My husband had a vasectomy on our 11 year anniversary. Our family is complete. We found our solution. Our pain is long past. Yours will be too. Keep fighting, keep researching…DO NOT GIVE UP. Your sweet family awaits you on way or another!




5 thoughts on “Saying hi!

  1. Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

    Wow!! I was actually thinking about your blog the other day!!! Not kidding! Thanks for the update and I’m so encouraged to see your beautiful family doing well and the fact that you have three miracles! My first pregnancy was a chemical pregnancy. I remember reading your posts and everything you went through. I’m so glad to see this light at the end of the tunnel. Powerful!!! Thanks for updating!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement. It really helps all of us still waiting to hear how you got to the other side. 💗💗

  3. Emma says:

    I was so happy to run into this blog! I read all of your posts between last night and this morning! Similar to you I apparently don’t have problems getting pregnant just making them stick. I am currently going through my third miscarriage. I experienced two last year one a chemical pregnancy that passed on its own and the other at 14 weeks requiring a d&c. The “hope” is that this 3rd miscarriage will pass on its own without requirement of medical aide. I have been doing what I said I wouldn’t do and have been spending long late nights scouring the internet for answers to why this keeps happening. My first pregnancy was successful and uncomplicated and resulted in my beautiful son, who I realized then and only so much more now how much of a blessing he is. I struggle with acceptance of what is happening and an insatiable desire to never let it happen again. Reading your blog and the experiences you go through were so comforting. I love the post you wrote where you mentioned several factors that don’t contribute to miscarriage like talking about being pregnant. I went (and sometimes am still going through) a stage where everything I read talked about someone’s 4th miscarriage and I felt that was an omen that I too would have to experience this 4th miscarriage. It’s sad what such a difficult experience can do to our minds and hearts and it’s helpful knowing that others’ experience these irrational moments that seem so rational in our vulnerability. Your blog gives me hope for my future child that I know will be coming. Thank you for sharing your experience and providing so much information for those of us looking for answers or a place to start.

  4. Anna says:

    I just found your blog through the search “recurrent chemical pregnancies” and I cannot tell you how much hope it gives me. I’ve just had my third in 7 months while trying for it our first child and am really broken hearted. I can’t wait to dive further into your story. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Nic says:

    Thanks so much for the blog. It has been a real light in a lot of darkness of unknowing..the road of infertility.. We are trying for our second child (I also experienced miscarriages before the first was conceived-through IVF) and we are experiencing a very similar journey to you, of very early and frequent miscarriages. This blog brings much hope that there are possible solutions and doctors/RE who have ideas about how to diagnose and treat this. We have moved countries relatively recently so I am again looking up clinics and doctors and reading blogs about recommended doctors (in Austria). I have a clinic we are working with now and I will take your suggestions and the treatment proposal that you went through to discuss with them.

    Do you think Dr Lessey would provide his thoughts to the Austrian doctors in case they would be interested to discuss his work further? How approachable is he i.e. is it possible to email or contact him directly or is everything through his PA..i.e is it possible to get information from him without a personal visit?
    Thanks so much for your thoughts and wishing you all much wonderful family time.
    Best wishes,

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