Another possible cause for recurrent miscarriage

I came across this article today. Scientists discovered a molecule called IL-33 that lives in uterine cells. In higher levels, women suffered from repeated miscarriages. There isn’t  a cure yet, but knowing a potential cause is the first step to finding a solution for it.

Here is the article, in layman’s terms. Here is the actual medical abstract, if you like to dig deep into the medical side of it.


4 thoughts on “Another possible cause for recurrent miscarriage

  1. Lynn R says:

    Agh, i check in on you for the first time in a while and the title i read made me gasp…you scared the crap out of me. I am glad this is just an article you are posting. I will definitley check it out. How are you doing? You must be at the half way point now? I hope you are finding some time to rest. Well, i am pleased to say that i am 17 weeks and we are having a healthy boy! Things are going well…I have been put on moderate bedrest and started the 17p injections last week and so far so good. Please, keep us posted on your progress. Oh, and no more alarming titles;) ~Lynn

    • rowanthefrog says:

      HI Lynn,

      Good to hear from you and I’m so sorry I scared you! I guess I need to title things more carefully 🙂 Yes, I’m fine, baby boy is fine. I’m 21 weeks now and enjoying lots of baby kicks, especially since this is my last go round! I’m also doing 17P injections. Congrats on YOUR baby boy! Oh baby boys are just wonderful, I should know, I’m surrounded by a lot of them. I’m so glad to hear you are doing well, even with the bedrest. TAKE IT EASY and cook that baby 🙂 Wonderful for you to check in. Please keep doing so and I want to see a pic of that gorgeous baby boy once he’s born!


  2. Hope says:

    Hi hi, I just want to thank u because it was your blog that inspired me not to give up after three recurrent early mcs and to keep finding the right doc.. The doc found out that my NK cells are too high at 18 percent. He reccomended IVIG. My hsg results also show possible uterine synechiae. My ovaries are polycystic too.. This is such a hard journey… U take care and wish u have a smooth pregnancy. Yeah I too check on u from time to time.

    • rowanthefrog says:


      Good to hear back from you. I’m so sorry that this journey has been so difficult for you, but I am glad to hear that they seem to know what is wrong, which hopefully means they are doing something to fix it! Regarding high NK cells, there is another therapy out there called Intralipid therapy. One of my friends did it with success and apparently it costs less. Not sure if that is an option where you are, but worth looking into. Please keep us posted and I will be thinking about you!


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