I had my first ultrasound this morning

I’m about 5w4d so I knew it was pretty early to go, but my HCG levels were so high. First of all there was just ONE baby in there (my husband and I were both relieved on that count, though I know we would have welcomed twins, our plan was to have just ONE more, so two would have been a pretty enormous surprise/change of plan.) There was definitely a baby, yolk sac and the OB said he thought he could see the barest flicker of a heartbeat but wasn’t completely sure.  So I’m going back in a week.

But, all in all, everything looks perfect for where I am and already looks better than it did my last time around when I m/c at 7.5 weeks. So that’s a huge relief. I was hoping I’d see a HB for sure, but I know its pretty early for that.

On the whole, I’m still feeling really good about this.  I greatly appreciate all your words of support!



2 thoughts on “I had my first ultrasound this morning

  1. roadtofertility says:

    Glad things are looking good!

  2. Miranda L. says:

    YAY! You are due just a little after me! Praying for you. I know the anxiety sucks!

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