Last beta in and a trip to urgent care

Let me start by saying, I’m fine, pregnancy is fine, everything is fine. I’m just exceptionally annoyed.

I got my last beta in, 1479, doubling time of 46 hours. Still doubling well within the range it needs to, but of course my crazy, anxious mind chooses to focus on the fact that the doubling has slowed down, even though its still doubling quite quickly.

The past two days I have had some moderate cramping. No bleeding or spotting whatsoever, but the cramping would only go away when I was laying down, so I spent a good bit of Friday afternoon in bed while my youngest napped and my oldest got extra tablet time. I finally decided to call the OB nurse to see if I could take some tylenol. Of course, by the time I was done telling her my history, she asked the on call doc and he wanted me to go to Urgent Care.  At 6pm, on a Friday. And oh yeah, she didn’t want me to drive. So, we stopped cooking dinner, piled the boys into the car for what I hoped would be a quick checkup, and maybe an unexpected ultrasound.  Yeah right.

So anyway, I finally get called back to a room. 20 minutes after that they ask for a urine sample and I wait…and wait…and wait. Mind you my husband and kids are in the waiting room. By 7:15 (which is normally the beginning of bedtime) I go out there and tell them to go get dinner. And I wait, and wait, and wait. I get an email with the results of my urine sample and my betas, and wait some more. Around 8:30pm, I peek my head out and remind them I’m there (the place wasn’t busy, at all.) The nurse says they are just waiting for the results of my lab work. I say, “the lab reults I received on my phone an hour ago?” His eyes get big and he goes to talk to the doctor. She comes right in and says that “there are only 2 reasons for cramping in early pregnancy, a miscarriage or a UTI. We tested you for a UTI and you don’t have one, but the full culture takes 2 days to grow. Since you aren’t bleeding, it may not be a miscarriage. But we don’t do baby ultrasounds here so if it gets worse you should go to the ER.”  UGH, I was so mad! Why the heck did they send me there if they weren’t going to do an ultrasound?!? I could have told them I didn’t have a UTI. So annoyed. Got back home close to 10pm and put the boys to bed. And took some tylenol which, incidentally, did help.

Even though I know that doctor was wrong (she wasn’t an OB and cramping in early pregnancy is totally normal), that stupid little voice in the back of my head started making me worry again. I had vowed to stop taking tests but I took another one this morning and the test line was MUCH darker than the control line. So that made me feel a little better.

Waiting until next Monday is going to be torture, but I keep reminding myself that everything looks great so far. I hope that trend continues.


2 thoughts on “Last beta in and a trip to urgent care

  1. jess says:

    How frustrating indeed!! I love how hospitals make you wait for them on your expense. I am keeping my fingers crossed everything is well. I get my beta drawn on Friday. Hoping it is positive and not my 7th chemical

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