2nd beta back :)



I had an inkling that the news would be good when I got this lovely dark line this morning.  Of course, in my madness I had to look back at pics from my last successful pregnancy to compare and my line this morning was a good bit darker than my line from 16DPO with my pregnancy with E2. )Those tests are upside down by the way, the control is on the left instead of the right like it is above.)



Even though I knew I had that beautiful dark line, I was anxious all day, until I finally got the email that my results were in, and my second beta is 719.7!!!! Doubling every 27.9 hours 🙂

So, that’s good, that’s very good.  In fact, I’ve had a permagrin on my face since I saw that number. It’s not a chemical pregnancy y’all!! 

I still have lots of big hurdles to cross, last time I had good numbers (though not THIS good) and I didn’t get a heartbeat, but I just have a good feeling about this one. I don’t know why, but I do. My first ultrasound is May 21. I can get another beta draw on Friday if I want. I don’t need it, I guess I could try to forego it, guess we’ll see how I’m feeling on Friday.

In other, slightly freaky, news, I truly remember Dr. Lessey telling me that Femara did NOT have the same risk of multiples as Clomid. At least I think I do. But I did a little googling and found out that Femara actually has a 1 in 10 chance of twins. Which isn’t exactly a low chance. I did this cycle unmonitored, thinking that that was ok.

Now I know that high betas are not any sort of reliable indicator of twins, but of course my mind is going…what if, what if what if??

Guess we’ll see May 21.



2 thoughts on “2nd beta back :)

  1. Lynn R says:

    This is wonderful. You are giving me so much hope. My last cycle was a bust…I have 1 son who is turning 5 in July. He has been my saving grace and is our ultimate joy. It took 3 years to concieve him, on our own, but it happened right before we had decided to try a fertility treatment. Go figure. After my son it has been one devastating loss after the other. In 2010 one at 14 weeks (low progesterone) and 2011 we did an IUI w/injectables and I got pregnant but lost them at 24 weeks…Since then I have had multiple chemicals. Unexplained. Anyway, My husband and I have decided to try a medicated cycle one more time since the 2011 loss (I have been too scared to try another medicated treatment) This time I will do Clomid and IUI. I hope you know how much I appreciate you sharing your journey is helping me and probably hundreds if not thousands of women. Thank you! ~Lynn

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