Fingers crossed for lucky #8



My lines have been getting a little darker each day, but this morning we had a big jump, so I’m confident that I’m pregnant again. I’m trying to remain positive but I’m scared like always. I do feel a little more confident in this one than I did last time, for whatever reason.  And even though I know its totally superstitious, I realized that E1 was pregnancy #2, E2 was pregnancy #4, and this one is #8…so I like that its an even number, maybe that’s the lucky ticket for me, right? Whatever helps me relax.  I’ll get my first beta in the morning. 


One thought on “Fingers crossed for lucky #8

  1. Ksenia says:

    I am keeping my fingers very crossed for you!!! It looks good so far. Let’s hope for a huge hcg number.

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