I mean really, who was I kidding?



Well I caved and tested at 8DPO to get a baseline for comparison. Then all day yesterday I was seriously nauseous, I almost threw up twice. I know this can be the HCG shot, but last time I was sick the 2 days right after the shot, not 5 days later.

Anyway, I tested this morning and the line is distinctly darker. Now, the dye lots on these cheapies do vary a lot, so I’m going to need to see several more days of tests getting darker before I’m ready to say this is pregnancy and not HCG shot, but it is a step in the right direction for sure.

I’ve also been very crampy today, and when I compare this test to the one I took last month at the same time past the booster, this one is darker. Yes, I know I’m completely overanalyzing it all but that’s where I go…crazytown.

However, if I am actually pregnant, this would be an early implanter and that has always been GOOD for me. With E1, I got a BFP at 8DPO (and beta of 79 at 7DPO). E2’s test started getting darker at 9DPO. All of my pregnancies that implanted after 10DPO have been miscarriages, so if I’m actually pregnant then the early implantation of this one would be a VERY positive sign for me.

Trying to be hopeful and optimistic. Trying not to be crazy.


3 thoughts on “I mean really, who was I kidding?

  1. Ksenia says:

    I am holding my fingers tightly crossed for you!

  2. loria says:

    hey, I like your blog its quite interesting can I have your e mail address, am passing through the same pls.

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