Welcome to another 2ww

So this cycle I decided to mimic EXACTLY what resulted in my second son.  Last cycle I didn’t do a trigger shot because I ovulate and it’s not needed. But since I get 10,000mu of HCG and only use 5000 for the booster, I decided to use it all this cycle.  Hey, it worked before, right?

Anyway, I’m 6DPO today. I gave my husband my pregnancy tests with strict orders to not give them to me until 11DPO. (OK, I may beg at 10…since my lines started getting darker with E2 at 10DPO its reasonable, right?)

Yesterday and today I have been very nauseous, which is my pattern when I’m pregnant on unmedicated cycles.  However I was also very nauseous from 5-8DPO last cycle with the HCG shot.  I’m still unsure if I actually was pregnant last cycle or not, but assuming I wasn’t, it could completely be the HCG shots causing the pregnancy symptoms.

That said, today, as I celebrated E2’s 2nd birthday, I had an intriguing thing happen.  Going into TMI territory…. but you don’t mind, right? Anyway, went to the bathroom and wiped and there was this weird, stringy brown clot. OK…could be anything, but I didn’t want to read much into it. Later on, I went to the bathroom and more brown stuff and also some bright red blood.

During at least one of my past pregnancies, I remember that I had implantation bleeding, and this looks suspiciously (and hopefully) like that. The one before it was much later though and miscarried…and, at least for me, my late implanters always miscarry. So hoping that I’m actually pregnant, that I have an early implantation and some good news in the next week or so.  I will keep you posted.  I appreciate your comments and positive thoughts as I go through this again.  I can’t tell you how much it lift my heart to hear from so many of you, around the world, experiencing similar struggles. It’s sad to me that we all have to go through this, but it helps to know that I am somehow helping you.  It’s truly amazing to me that my personal journey, research and experience have reached and helped other women. I love the community that we have created here and I enjoy interacting with all of you.


One thought on “Welcome to another 2ww

  1. Miranda L. says:

    I had spotting like that on 6dpo during my last two pregnancies! I have my fingers crossed for you!

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