Right message…right time

Right message...right time

Right message…right time


5 thoughts on “Right message…right time

  1. Debra says:

    Thanks …..I’m starting to loose hope a little:)

  2. Lanie says:

    I needed that message too! Thanks.

  3. steffie says:

    Hi there. I’m facing similar issue like you and i can certainly understand how you felt when you had the MCs. I had a miscarriage in March 2013 and it went as far as 5 weeks. My husband and I were very excited about the pregnancy and we had put very high hope on it. Good thing didnt last and soon when we went back for 2nd ultrascan at 6.5 weeks, the yolk sac didnt progress and stopped growing. It was truly devastated and heartbroken. I went through the procedure of suction to clean the remaining in the uterus as i was already bleeding after the ultrascan. Doc said it might be chromosome issue and couldnt be prevented.
    Nevertheless, we continue to try to conceive and to my delight, i missed my period for july 2013 and was 1 week late. Took a hpt 4 days after my period supposed to due and it was a faint line. Went on to take another 3 days later and still a faint line. Today is the 8th day after my missed period and the test is negative. I was so sad and really mad at my body for letting me down. My period is still not due and i have brown discharge for these few days but only minimal. Doc said to wait for another week to confirm whether it is a MC .. again…if its true, is my 2nd MC in 3 months time.

    What can i do to have a successful pregnancy? As the people around me seems to have normal pregnancy and easily got through the 1st trimester. I cant even make it through the 1st trimester, i’m sad.

    I believe i’m fertile but i just couldnt hold the baby long enough. I

    • rowanthefrog says:


      I’m so sorry to hear about what you have been through. It sucks to go through it, especially back to back. I’ve been there and its just devastating. Once your doc confirms you had another miscarriage (and we both know you did…I’m sorry), then I would ask if he will run the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss panel on you. Its essentially a bunch of blood tests that will test for a variety of different issues. See what comes back. Its a weird situation because you will hope that something comes back “wrong” because then they can fix it. That would be my recommendation for a first step for you.

      Hang in there, I’m so sorry. Please keep us posted.


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