Here we go again.

I’m scared shitless.  Pardon my language, but its the truth.  My OB ran a bunch of the same tests I had about 3 years ago.  So far everything continues to look normal.  I start taking Femara tomorrow for days 5-9.  Then Estradiol from days 9-13 and an HCG shot 5 days after ovulation.  Guess we’ll see what happens.  It worked once, so please let it work again. I can’t believe I’m doing this again, but I have decided to try this one more time.


3 thoughts on “Here we go again.

  1. Miranda L. says:

    I’ve been reading your blog today. I’ve had a total of 3 miscarriages…1 two months before my son was conceived, and 2 within the last 3 months. They have all been early miscarriages…the last two, my levels started dropping right after the 4 week mark. It is typically ending before I can even get to the doctor to get bloodwork done. I’m really sorry for your losses….I know it is so very painful. I am going to see my doctor next Thursday. I’m happy to see someone like you who hasn’t given up. I just lost my previous baby last week, and I’m very angry and bitter. My second miscarriage was actually a surprise. I was on birth control, but I was taking antibiotics….it was an oops! I was actually relieved not to have to have to ttc. This is what brought me to my diagnosis. I know now that I have 3 clotting disorders, so I take Aspirin and Folic Acid daily. I thought this was the answer to my prayers and my next pregnancy would be viable…I thought wrong! I let myself get excited again, and I shouldn’t have. Well….I’m still not going to prevent because I’m hoping it was bad luck…but I just want answers! I am also torn because I don’t want to go through everything you had to go through….you are a very strong woman. I’m so sad…..and there isn’t anyone I can share it with who understands. I’m like you, I’m tired of people telling me to be thankful for my one son. It gets old….I’m very thankful for him….I just want for him to have a sibling. The other thing I hear is that God has his own timing and there is a reason this is all happening. Is it bad to just want this all to be as easy as it is for almost everyone else?

    Anyway…congratulations on trying again and having the strength to do so. I pray that you will succeed in having your third child. You are a very determined and intelligent woman, and I admire that. I look forward to seeing your updates!

    • rowanthefrog says:


      I’m so sorry for your losses. I completely understand the anger and bitter feelings. I experience them more than I would like to admit. It seems so often that so many people just to get pregnant and have a baby, and that is such a foreign concept to me. I HATE it when people say “everything happens for a reason” or any version of that. It’s maddening. They mean well but they don’t understand. It just sucks all around. Hang in there, it sounds like you have had some testing done, so that’s a step in the right direction. I hope your next pregnancy is a successful one. Keep me posted!


  2. pandora says:


    I would like to know why you were recommended this treatment…did everything come back clear except for your lining being thin? please email me a reply or respond here.

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