Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

This week has flown by, thankfully.  I am the chairperson for a charity wine tasting event for Camp Horizon.  The event was Saturday and was a rousing success.  Because of all the work I was doing for that, I didn’t have much time to think about what was going on.  But now the event is over and my ultrasound is in the morning.  I keep trying to find indicators of what will happen tomorrow.  I peed on another test…which was silly.  It was dark as could be.  My breasts aren’t hurting or big yet.  That makes me nervous because by this point with my boys they were bigger.  But then friends of mine with 3+ children told me that breast pain and growth subsided with each pregnancy.  So maybe things are ok.

I keep wavering back and forth from, “why shouldn’t this work out? For the most part everything has gone well, so just sit back and feel confident in it” to “it’s over, you know its over, it never works out for you the first time so why should it now?”

I know that there is nothing I can do either way.  I guess I’m just ready to know whether or not I’m REALLY pregnant.  My appointment is at 10:30EST tomorrow morning.  Any positive thoughts that you have for me I would appreciate.




2 thoughts on “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

  1. E.H. says:

    Hang in there – thinking of you!!

  2. Ksenia says:

    I know you know by now, and I hope that the news are good. I am keeping my fingers cross and waiting on the update from you. Whatever the result is, we – the army of followers and fellow “not–so–easy–to–stay–pregnant” women – are here for you. We will be happy to share your joy or to comfort you and help to find strength. And you are strong – no doubt in that.

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