When is a line really a line?

If you spend any time on online message boards then you have probably heard “a line is a line” and “the darkness of the lines on the test doesn’t matter.”  This is both true and false.  A line IS a line – if you have a 2nd line, then you are pregnant.  Even if it is the faintest line ever.  If it’s there (and you know its not an evaporation line) then you are pregnant.  A faint line doesn’t necessarily mean its a chemical pregnancy.  If you have caught the pregnancy shortly after it implanted, then your HCG levels are still low and the line will be faint.  What matters at that point, is that your HCG levels are doubling every 48-72 hours.  If they are doubling appropriately, then the lines on the HPT should start to get darker.  Yes, it can be subjective.  Yes, dye lots can differ some.  So don’t freak out if one test is lighter than the day before.  However, the general trend should be getting darker.  If you have tests that start light, get darker, and then start to get lighter again and eventually the line goes away, then that was a chemical pregnancy.

If you are going to obsess about lines (and I’m not necessarily advocating this, though I’ve been known to do it,) then you should make sure you have a bunch of the same test.  You can’t compare lines from different tests.  These Wondfo tests are perfect for line obsession because they are CHEAP and they are extremely sensitive.  As in, I got a positive result on one of these earlier this week when my HCG beta was merely 8.5.  That is as sensitive if not more than the FAR more expensive First Response Early Result.

All that said, I will fess up to peeing frequently this weekend as I wait for my next beta draw on Monday morning.  I want to see the lines get darker, but I keep expecting them to get lighter.  However, it seems that this pregnancy is sticking so far…as the lines have never lied to me.  Here are my lines from BFP through this afternoon.

I’m remaining cautiously optimistic.


6 thoughts on “When is a line really a line?

  1. Ksenia says:

    1. I keep my fingers crossed for you and your little bean. You second bettas were good, let’s hope that today’s bettas are nice and big too.

    2. I agree that it’s stupid to say “a line is a line”. Both of the times my lines would start getting lighter over a few day – it was a chemical. One time a woman can blame it on a dye or urine dilution. But if (like in my case) the tests are getting lighter and lighter every day, all those “a line is a line” just give you false hope. I also like Wondfos. I also have done a lot of FRERs, but they are expensive.

    3. Just wanted to share that my insurance approved a recurrent miscarriage blood panel. A week from today I have an appointment.

    • rowanthefrog says:

      Thank you for your encouragement, I appreciate it. I get my next numbers back tomorrow and while my lines keep getting darker, I’m still on pins and needles about it. Until I see a heartbeat on an ultrasound I’m not going to believe this is real.

      I’m glad to hear your insurance approved the blood panel. It sounds strange to say “I hope you find out something is wrong” but I do, so that then you know what to do to fix it. Keep us posted!


      • Ksenia says:

        Thank you. You cannot imagine how much I want you to see that heartbeat. And how much I want to see one myself one day. We are not trying for the next year or so – it has been too hard and I feel like I need to do all the testing first. I hope there is something wrong that is easily fixable. And tell us the result tomorrow! If the line is getting darker it is great! So are you on your week 4th? This is the hardest two week wait ever – after the fist positive test till the heartbeat.

      • rowanthefrog says:

        I’m glad you are getting some testing done. I’m definitely going a little crazy waiting until I can have my first ultrasound. Its on Oct. 29. Hoping the time passes quickly…its definitely a tough two week wait for sure!

  2. Jennifer says:

    In the little over 4 days I knew I was pregnant, I took 8 tests. My fiancé actually got angry with me. Asking why I was doing it to myself. I wanted to confirm. When it was getting lighter each time, I knew. Cause I researched like crazy. I have never known so much about the early stages of pregnancy, now I feel I could write a book. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a peeing on a stick problem. I sometimes say “I could have stock in pregnancy test companies. “

    • rowanthefrog says:

      OMG if I told you how many tests I have peed on over the years you would die. Thank goodness for the cheapies, at least I can pee without guilt.

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