In the 2 week wait

Well here we are….our first cycle where we “sort of” tried.  I’m about 8DPO now, I think.  Its been several months since we pulled the IUD and I’m happy to report that the past few periods have seemed pretty normal – some heavy flow, lasting 5-7 days.  Like a period is supposed to be.  In the past I would have these 2-3 days barely there periods, which spoke to my lining issue.  I’m not under a doctor’s care yet or doing the medicinal protocol that resulted in my 2nd child.  I’m not having any monitoring.  I don’t know what my lining was or is.  I’m not sure if this is irresponsible of me or not.  A part of me, a HUGE part of me hopes that I can just get pregnant and stay pregnant like so many women seem to be able to do.  Of all the people who should realize this is probably naive, its me, but I guess I want to just see what my body will do on its own.  Maybe something has changed for the better.  I hope anyway.  I tend to have a lot of early symptoms when I’m pregnant.  I’ve correctly predicted my pregnancies as much as 1 week before I got a positive test.  I will admit to having some symptoms, but they aren’t the usual ones I had before, so I’m unsure.  I will start testing tomorrow and see what happens.  I’m excited.  I’m terrified.  I’m hopeful.




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