Interesting development regarding women who are super-fertile and recurrent miscarriages

Thank you to commenter Leah who brought this to my attention!  Very interesting article, copied below, from BBC News.  Essentially, women who suffer from repeated miscarriages may be letting poor quality embryos implant, whereas women who don’t have recurrent miscarriages only let the good quality embryos implant.

There is no solution for this yet, but I think this is a breakthrough as to learning a possible cause for recurrent chemical pregnancies.  Once we have an actual cause, they can start looking for a solution.

Thanks again Leah for sharing this!

Super-fertility offers clue to recurrent miscarriage

By James GallagherHealth and science reporter, BBC News

Some women may be letting even poor quality embryos implant
“Super-fertility” may explain why some women have multiple miscarriages, according to a team of doctors.

They say the wombs of some women are too good at letting embryos implant, even those of poor quality which should be rejected.

The UK-Dutch study published in the journal PLoS ONE said the resulting pregnancies would then fail.

One expert welcomed the findings and hoped a test could be developed for identifying the condition in women.

Recurrent miscarriages – losing three or more pregnancies in a row – affect one in 100 women in the UK.

Doctors at Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton and the University Medical Center Utrecht, took samples from the wombs of six women who had normal fertility and six who had had recurrent miscarriages.

Quality testing

High or low-quality embryos were placed in a channel created between two strips of the womb cells.

Cells from women with normal fertility started to grow and reach out towards the high-quality embryos. Poor-quality embryos were ignored.

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“Start Quote

They may simply be super-fertile, as they allow embryos which would normally not survive to implant”

Prof Nick MacklonPrincess Anne Hospital

However, the cells of women who had recurrent miscarriages started to grow towards both kinds of embryo.

Prof Nick Macklon, a consultant at the Princess Anne Hospital, said: “Many affected women feel guilty that they are simply rejecting their pregnancy.

“But we have discovered it may not be because they cannot carry, [but] it is because they may simply be super-fertile, as they allow embryos which would normally not survive to implant.”

He added: “When poorer embryos are allowed to implant, they may last long enough in cases of recurrent miscarriage to give a positive pregnancy test.”

This theory still needs further testing and will not explain all miscarriages.

Dr Siobhan Quenby, from the Royal College Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, told the BBC: “This theory is really quite attractive. It is lovely. It’s a really important paper that will change the way we think about implantation.”

“It had been thought that rejecting normal embryos resulted in miscarriage, but what explains the clinical syndrome is that everything is being let in.”

She said research would now need to discover whether this could be tested for in women and whether their receptiveness to embryos could be altered.


4 thoughts on “Interesting development regarding women who are super-fertile and recurrent miscarriages

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  3. Erin says:

    Hi I’m a RPLer here and read that article a few months ago. I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant for the 7th time (one healthy almost 8 yr old). I brought it up to my RE and she thought it was hogwash but it makes complete sense. Anytime I want to get pregnant I can. Yes it’s been 8 yr since my daughter but it takes me a lot of healing time to decide to try again. So anyways I think this study makes a lot of sense but don’t see how they could possibly correct the disorder.

    • rowanthefrog says:


      Congrats on your pregnancy!! I agree with you. Its a very interesting, but frustrating, explanation. It makes great sense, but then how do we get past it? I think that is what we are all struggling with. However, the fact that they have identified this at all is a good thing, because then they can hopefully start to work on a solution for those of us who seem to deal with it…which seems to be a lot.

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