Another success story

I know that reading success stories gave me hope during my darkest hours, and so I wanted to share another one with you.  During my second m/c, I was posting on and reconnected with someone who had been on the Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss board of the bump during my first loss.  (Incidentally, if you are going through a miscarriage, your first or your fifth, I highly recommend seeking the support of the women on this board.)

Turns out we had the exact same history – a chemical pregnancy, a healthy pregnancy (our sons were born literally days apart), and then we both went onto have 3 more chemical pregnancies.  She (herein referred to as Mary) went through the same battery of testing that I did at SIRM, but with different results.  She had very high natural killer (NK) cells in her system and a 50% DQ-Alpha match with her husband.  Ultimately, she did IVF with PGD, coupled with Intralipid treatments.  Her first round of IVF made it past the chemical pregnancy stage, however she ended up miscarrying again around 8 weeks.  However, her next round was a success and her sweet daughter was born on August 1, 2011.  I hope to add a picture soon, with her permission.

I wanted to say congratulations to her and her family and offer those of you here for answers another glimmer of hope.

Do you have a success story? Please share it with me by commenting that you want to share and I will contact you to get your story.


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