Our new plan

On Monday I talked further with Dr. Lessey about the test results and our plan of action.  It appears that I did not ovulate last cycle as my period is over a week late and I am not pregnant.  I am going to start a course of Provera to bring on my period and then Dr. Lessey recommended that I try a drug called Letrozole (Femara) to produce a stronger ovulation and build up my lining to better support an implanting pregnancy.  I will also do an HCG trigger shot and then another HCG booster at 7DPO which will extend the window of implantation and provide hormonal support for an early pregnancy.  Dr. Lessey said he has an 80% success rate with this particular course of treatment.  This is encouraging because the success rate for a woman with 3 or more unexplained miscarriages is about 40%.  So this doubles that, which I like.  We are starting with this course of treatment immediately.  Hopefully we will have some success soon.


One thought on “Our new plan

  1. torri says:

    i stumbled across your blog as i was doing research on RPL. I, myslef, am unfortunately going through this HELL. I had 4 chemical before moving onto IVF/PGD, after 2 cycles i had a successful pregnancy and carried my son, Jack to term. Since Jack i have had an ectopic (natural pregnancy) and 2 more chemicals (with IVF/PGD). Im losing sanity with all this. I just dont understnad how i was able to have jack and now this is happening…AGAIN. I also have a blog http://www.torri106.blogspot.com You are not alone and i know how much this sucks. ((hugs)) Torri

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