The endometrial biopsy appointment

I went to see this Dr. Forstein (Dr. Lessey’s colleague) in Greenville, SC on July 6 to do the endometrial biopsy for the Moses study.  I met with the doc, reviewed the history, etc.  I was a little concerned about doing the biopsy since we had tried to get pregnant this cycle, but he said there were studies that showed that biopsies actually increased the chances of implantation and reduced the chances of miscarriage.   Here is the link to one of them.

I asked him if he would check my lining to see where it was at 9DPO….I took 4mg of estradiol from days 9-14 to thicken my lining. Didn’t work. My lining was a measly 5 mm. FIVE. Ugh. The past two times it has been checked it was 8mm, which wasn’t great, but better than 5. Ugh. So the lining issues continue. Fabulous. I’m trying not to think about what that could mean for me if I find out that I am pregnant.

The interesting….he did a full physical on me and when he did the breast exam there was still milk coming out of my breasts. I haven’t breastfed in nearly 9 months. He said that there was a chance I had elevated prolactin levels which, among other things, caused higher rates of miscarriage and implantation difficulties. I haven’t been tested for this before, so he ordered that test (prolactin) as well.

The biopsy itself wasn’t nearly as painful as I expected it to be.  I took 4 Advil before I got there and I felt a little cramping, but the HSG was MUCH more painful.  That was a relief.  In addition to testing my prolactin levels, he also ordered the MTHFR test which for some reason I have not had yet as well as DHEA.  I should get the results back from all of them when I return from Switzerland.  That’s all for now, hopefully this will bring some answers.


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