Endo biopsy results back…sort of

I heard back from the new RE in SC about my endo biopsy results. His email response was “The tissue came back and was read by Pathology as “Proliferative”. It should have been “secretory” if you had ovulated. So, either you did not ovulate or if you did, the response to progesterone was minimal. This would be indicative of an ovulatory problem that could account for your problems.”

So this is interesting….I got a positive OPK on Saturday and I went for the biopsy at 9DPO. I wasn’t temping so I could not confirm ovulation, but I did have all my symptoms of fertilization, even though it did not end up implanting for whatever reason. So….I think its reasonable to assume that I DID ovulate….but according to my lining I am not responding to progesterone, which would lead to early losses…..he also said that the fact that I am still discharging milk from my breasts 9 months after stopping nursing could lead to reduced progesterone response…maybe it is actually as simple as that??? Dare I hope?? I don’t know, but for the first time I am getting some medical indication that there IS a problem, and what looks like a fairly easily fixable one at that. I am elated….I have hope….it looks like there is some course of treatment for me that is not “we don’t know what else to do with you so we think you should just do XXX.” Finally we are heading towards “it looks like THIS is what is wrong with you and this explains your losses and this is how we will fix it.”

Maybe, just maybe I will get pregnant again and get to keep it…maybe soon. Hope hope hope.


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