I’ve been accepted into the “Moses study”

Today I was contacted by Dr. Bruce Lessey, a doctor in South Carolina who I contacted after talking with another of his patients with a similar history to mine.  Dr. Lessey is one of few doctors who is researching how endometriosis and missing proteins such as alpha v-beta3 and leukemia inhibitory factor cause recurrent early miscarriages.  Enrolling in this study will enable me to get the biopsy, pathology and interpretation free of charge.  I am very curious to see if this might be the cause of the miscarriages.  I spoke with him this afternoon and he said that spotting before my period (I have 3 days of it usually) and painful ovulation can both be signs of endo.  He thinks I am a good candidate for the study and wants me to come in at the end of this cycle!  They typically do this biopsy 8-10 days past ovulation, which is right after 4th of July and I’ll already be in South Carolina.  So I am going to do this.  He also recommended another course of treatment to strengthen the endometrium which we will consider for next cycle.

Here are some more resources I found about endo and early miscarriage:





One thought on “I’ve been accepted into the “Moses study”

  1. […] for bringing this article to my attention. This is the study that I was accepted into back in June 2010, run by Dr. Bruce Lessey and Dr. Forstein in Greenville, SC.  I went to their office in SC for an […]

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