“Borderline” APA results as related to 1st trimester miscarriages

Found some interesting info about “borderline” APA results as they relate to 1st tri/early m/c. While the study says that it is “not statistically significant” it also reports that people with borderline APA and positive APA results had a higher rate of 1st tri m/c than people who were APA negative. See below.

http://humrep.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/co … /14/6/1461

“Patients with borderline or positive APA were more likely to experience a first-trimester abortion compared to seronegative patients (45, 36.6 and 27% of the pregnancies respectively); however, this difference was not statistically significant. In the seronegative group, four patients had two miscarriages each and one patient had three consecutive second-trimester miscarriages. In the seropositive group four patients had two miscarriages each.”

“The association between recurrent miscarriage and APA is a consistently reported feature of primary antiphospholipidsyndrome (Asherson et al., 1989; Rai et al., 1995). APA, especially IgG anticardiolipin and LAC, are found in 15% of women with recurrent miscarriage. Our study demonstrated that the rate of first trimester miscarriage was higher in patients having positive and/or borderline APA (45 and 36.6% respectively), compared with APA-negative patients(27%). This difference was not statistically significant.”

Statistics were never my strong suit, but I find it confusing that it says that the study demonstrated and people with borderline APA results had a higher rate of 1st tri m/c, but it wasn’t statistically significant. To me, 27% vs 36.6% does seem like a telling difference. Its one thing to look at it mathematically, its another thing altogether to be the person in the 36.6% category. Especially since I had THREE borderline results.


2 thoughts on ““Borderline” APA results as related to 1st trimester miscarriages

  1. P says:

    After 4 early losses, I am now diagnosed with APA with anticardiolipin titer of 45. The first round of immunology tests were normal and the second round asked for IgG and IgM titers and there it was discovered that I have abnormal results. I just want to highlight this here to other moms to maybe ask for specific anticardiolipin tests if they feel that they may have APA. Now if I get pregnant I will be treated with low molecular weight helparin from begining. I hope this works…
    And I hope you get your third baby soon! Keep us posted on how things are coming!

    • rowanthefrog says:


      Thank you for the update and while it seems weird to say “congrats” on getting these results back, I think that know what is wrong, and therefore having a treatment plan in place, would be a huge relief. I hope this is the ticket for you and your next update you are telling us you are successfully pregnant!


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