Time for plan B (or C or D, whatever we are on now)

Back from my appointment with my RE (reproductive endocrinologist.) I went to discuss whether or not they would do immunological testing on me and if they did treatment for that if anything came up.

I pretty much hit a brick wall. She said that they don’t do that, there wasn’t enough solid science to back it up, it was the equivalent of “voodoo medicine” and if I was considering that then instead I should go for a full IVF cycle with pregenetic counseling to pick out the best embryos, that chromosomal abnormalities were what caused most miscarriages and there was more science to back up IVF with PGD instead of getting the bloodwork run and taking on “experimental” medicine.

I told her that I kind of saw it the opposite way – before going through everything with IVF, I wanted to rule out all possible “mechanical” issues with my body – including lining and immune system disorders, and then if there was nothing there then I would consider that it could be genetic abnormalities, but since my losses were so early it was impossible to determine if it was an embryo issue.

We then went through everything else – my husband’s sperm count and motility were both excellent, his morphology was low but she said she wasn’t very concerned about that since everything else was good. We haven’t gotten back the results of his karyotyping yet and that is the thing she is most interested to see.

She reviewed my HSG and said it was a mildly atypical uterus but she wouldn’t call it bicorunate. Ok. She agreed that I should not go on Clomid given my lining issues and would prefer to start me on injectible gonadotropins. We are going to fully monitor the next cycle with Estrace to build the lining and we may be able to try next cycle if we want.

Then we looked at my lining (I’m CD12 and I either just ovulated or I’m about to.) My lining is 8mm and “looks great” just like last time….that ended in the most recent miscarriage. She agreed that we shouldn’t try this cycle until all the testing comes back.  So basically, we are in a holding pattern pending the testing and the immunology stuff is not an option with this RE practice.

However – I had a requisition completed by my dad to get the full “implantation failure” immunology panel completed by Millenova, a lab in Chicago. I asked if her phlebotomist could draw the blood for the panel and she said that was fine. So I sent my blood sample to that lab overnight, and I should get those results in 7-10 days. Now I have to find a doctor to interpret them for me and treat me if something comes up….and I think I found one.

There is a RI (reproductive immunologist) group about 30 minutes from me – SIRM – www.sirm.com. According to my dad they are either “major innovators and pioneers or total quack jobs depending on who you talk to.”  They do the immunology stuff and have a new treatment that they pioneered that replaces IVIG. I have an appointment with them on Tuesday. So we’ll see what they say and what comes back on my test results.

I’m frustrated, but I feel like I am moving forward. I am not trying again until I have ruled out the immunological stuff. It seems my lining is better for the most part but my RE is willing to do the endometrial bopsy if I want it. If everything comes back negative on the immunology stuff then I’ll just try again a few more times, but I have no idea what to do if I continue to have these miscarriages.

Sigh, its just never easy, is it?


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